Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

            Hi everyone. Sorry I took so long to post but here is chapter 2. I hope you like it.

          Chapter 2 

     “Hi Maria!” Katie says to her friend at lunchtime. “We got a new robot yesterday”
 “Yes you told me, what kind is it?” Maria asks as the sit down at a bench outside to eat.
 ” Well… Big Bot is good at cleaning but he is also an alarm robot. He is so aggravating, he woke me up be yelling, “Time To Get Up” and tickling my feet.” Katie says with a laugh.
”Maybe you can come over after school, we can do our homework together. My mom said you can stay for dinner if your mom is okay with it.”  “Sure, I can’t wait to see Big Bot.” Maria replies with a smile. When school is over, Maria goes to Katie’s house. The 9 year old friends watch Big Bot cleaning while singing a tune. He sings it to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. “Big Bot loves to sweep and clean, sweep and clean, sweep and clean,                             Big Bot loves to sweep and clean, he cleans till the house starts to shine. Big bot sings in a high pitched voice. “Wow.” Maria said when she saw how Big Bot worked. “I wish I could have a robot. He looks like a nice little robot.” Wait until you see how he pressures me to do something. Katie replies. Big Bot finishes his sweeping and dashes away. The girls start chatting about their day, school, and other things. Big Bot comes back. ” It’s time to do your homework Katie.” He yells and runs around the two of them. “Let’s ignore him and see what he does.” Maria whispers and they continue talking. Big Bot dashes away again and comes back a few seconds later. He has her loud speaker and cymbals. Big Bot shouts into the loud speaker with a sneaky smile. ” IT’S TIME TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK KATIE.” He shouts and bangs the cymbals together as he marches around the sofa they recline on. The sharp, clanging sound tortures their ears and Katie shouts over the noise. ” Stop!!! I am coming.” She runs to her backpack and pulls out a few sheets of paper. Marie follows. And they start writing her name on one of the papers. Big Bot stops the noise and goes to vacuum the carpet.
Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. As always, feedback and comments are welcome. I will post chapter 3 next week.

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Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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