Big Bot Chapter 8

Bonjour! I’m so sorry I took soooo long to continue this story. I had no ideas so I just stopped. And picked up other stories. Well, here’s chapter 8. (It could be the last chapter. I’m not sure yet)
Chapter 8
“Mom,” Katie said slowly, “I re-programmed Big Bot. I just wanted you to see how I feel when he commands me to do something and then starts yelling and annoys me. I’m sorry.”
”I thought so, anyway, apology accepted. Just don’t do it again. And he won’t be so noisy next time. But maybe if you listened the first time, Big Bot wouldn’t have to be so loud.” Christine answered.
The next day
“It’s time to get up Katie!” Big Bot pulled the sheet off the bed.
Katie sat up. She chuckled, she had already combed her hair and everything. She went downstairs. The lights were off. Hmm, mom must still be asleep. Oh! I have a great idea!
30 minutes later, her mother came downstairs. “6:45! Oh boy, I woke up so late!”
Suddenly the lights flickered on. “Good morning mom!” Katie led her mother to the dining room.
Breakfast was on the table.
Fruits and oatmeal porridge and French toast were set neatly on the small round table. “I made breakfast!”  “Oh! Thank you!”
After that, Katie listened when her mom told her to do something. Or not to do something. And she listened to Big Bot. But once or twice, she forgot and Big Bot found something to make a loud noise.
Big Bot soon became her friend. They did lots of things together and he didn’t seem so bad.


If I was doing another story about Big Bot, it would be: Big Bot Gets a Friend
Thank you for reading! Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, au revoir!smiley

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Big Bot Chapter 8

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