Bible verse short story

Hi everyone!! I am here again with another (very short) story.
 It is based on a bible verse. I don’t have a title yet so I would really love recommendations. Thank you.
         Caroline collapsed to the floor when she heard the news. “Why, God why?” She cried. ” My mom, my husband and my dad now gone and I have no job. Her son Noah came upstairs from playing his video game and tried to comfort his mom. “Mom, what happened, why are you crying?” He said. “Your grandpa just died,” she sobbed hugging her only son. “You are all I have now.” She cried. ” 5 year old Noah remembered one of his memory verses from Sabbath school and said it back to his mother in his little voice. ” Mom, remember the verse Psalm 34:17. It says When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and rescues them from all their troubles. God will provide for us, won’t he mom?”
“Yes Noah. God will provide.” Caroline replies forcing a smile. They pray together and ask God to hear and provide for them. They pray together and ask God to hear and provide for them.
The next day, the doorbell rings. *ding dong, ding dong* Caroline rushes to answer the door. ” Good morning, I know your dad just died and God told me to bring something for you. I have a box of food and a card for you,” Someone says. ” Good morning, thank you so much. How did you know, I didn’t tell anyone yet and I don’t remember meeting you before.” Caroline says shocked. ” Sorry, I did not introduce myself. My name is Alya. God told me to give you this.” ” Wow. Thank you so much. I am out of words. May God bless you richly.” Caroline says, a tear in her eye. “God bless you too” Alya replies and tuns around and starts walking away. “Come Noah,” Caroline calls. Noah hears the excitement in her voice, stops his work, and runs to her. “The Lord provided, I knew He would.” Noah says excitedly when he sees all the food and things. They never see Alya again. One week later, Caroline got the job that she applied for and she could send Noah to school. 2 years later Caroline got married and has a baby girl named Callidora which means gift of beauty. Noah and Caroline always remember how God heard them and helped them from their troubles.
                                                   The End
I hope you liked it. (I know the ending wasn’t so good but I am working on improving the ending of my stories)
            Oh. Chapter 2 of Big Bot (one of my other stories) is pending now so it should be posted soon.

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Bible verse short story

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