Bed bath and beyond

There once was a beautiful place called Bed Bath and Beyond. No one knew forsure why it was given this name. The bed and bath part made sense since this was the where u could relax in a sudsy jacuzzi, in a strawberry scented room, or u could sunbathe on a perfectly cut lawn. This was the homeland of all the girls with wide-rimmed hats that covered their faces, glasses that made them go the most delightful type of blindness, and where it was perfectly normal to eat ur lipgloss. The sun shone a brilliant, golden yellow, reflecting on the most radiant completions u ever saw! 
Here u could also sleep in bliss. Ur bed was your choice completely. U could have a garden of flowers for ur bed, a thick, deep green carpet of moss under an oak tree. U could sleep in the cool soft sand on the beach under a perfectly shaped umbrella. U could even float out on a raft in the water all night, but it wasnt highly suggested because the girls would sometimes fall off, and this was a slight problem…….there were all these choices, but the simplest of these luxuries was a regular hardwood floor–rarely chosen…
The part that confused people was the “Beyond” part of the name. All sorts of legends were formed about it. Some thought it was code name for “school” and so naturally no one mentioned it. It was too traumatizing to think about it. Others thought maybe it was where all the secret types of lipgloss grew (the place was so natural it was just known that lipgloss was actually a plant). In this case, they tried desperately to find this blissful place, but in vain.
One sad day, the fate of Bed Bath and Beyond, was sealed. A girl named Penelope and a girl named Mermaid, got into a terrible fight over a package of lipgloss. The sad result was the end of that beautiful place of bliss. 
U have not heard in such detail of this place before I am sure, and it is because it has quite been lost to the memory of all civilization……..this is a sad story……
–by Rachel

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Bed bath and beyond

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