Are You There? Part 4

“So, how’d it go?!” Jaime caught up with Hailey on her way to Algebra 2.
“It was amazing! He said he couldn’t wait to see me again. Oh, Jaime, I’m so happy I could just die!”
“And I’m happy for you! But, Hailey, do you really think your mom would approve?”
Hailey chewed a piece of hair. “Well, probably not at first…”
“So she doesn’t know.”
“Not yet.”
“It’s no big deal! By the time we get serious, IF we even do, mom will realize she’ll just have to deal with it. And if anything…I don’t know, get’s complicated, or something like that, I’ll stop it. Or do something else about it…whatever. I know what I’m doing, OK?”
“OK…just be careful. You don’t really know him that well.”
“Hailey! I’m fine. You don’t need to freak out.”
“OK! OK. See you at lunch!”
When lunch arrived, however, Hailey saw no sign of Jaime.
“Her mom came to pick her up. She was feeling nauseous.” Her other friend, Audrey, said in between bites of spaghetti. “And she said something about her leg bones hurting, or something like that. I don’t know.”
Later that day after school, Hailey texted Jaime.
Me: Hey girl! how are u feeling?
Jaime: Ugh, not so great. I haven’t felt good for the past few days actually, but I didn’t think anything of it until 2day
Me: Aw thats too bad
Jaime: yeah it’s weird I feel kinda dizzy and I don’t really feel like eating and I’m thirsty all the time too. I’m also really tired
Me: well maybe its the flu
Jaime: yeah maybe. well I’m going to take a nap…mom’s taking me to the doctor in the morning
Me: k get feeling better or I’m gonna get mad!!
Jaime: lol ok
Hailey put down her phone and thought nothing of the conversation.
The next day Jaime wasn’t at school either. Once again, Hailey texted her ailing friend.
Me: u still not feeling good??
Jaime: no…the doc gave me some meds but I still feel awful
Me: yeah that stuff never really works
Jaime: they didn’t know what was wrong with me. they didn’t think it was the flu. they ran some tests and we should know the day after tomorrow
Me: well it can’t be too bad
Jaime: yeah…well i am so tired its not even funny so i’m gonna curl up and snore here
Me: ok! focus on getting better!
Jaime: kk luv u girl
The next day at school Hailey ran into Jason again. Literally.
Books and pencils slid across the slick floor.
“Sorry about that.” Hailey brushed some hair over her face as she bent down as to try and hide her blushing cheeks.
Jason handed her her books. “No problem. It’s hard to always watch where you’re going – you have to bump into someone sometime.”
“I guess. Oh!” Hailey checked her watch. “I’m late to science!”
“Do you have Mr. Finch?” Hailey nodded. “Me too. I’ll tell you what. To make it up to you, how about we grab some milkshakes at Steak n’ Shake after school? Just tell your mom you’ll be staying late.”
“Oh, um, sure. Ok. Uh, I’ll see you after school then, I guess.”
“All right. Bye,” Jason waved. His chocolate brown eyes pierced through her stormy grey ones, making her heart skip a beat or two.
“B-bye…” Two dates! Oh my word, this is awesome! None of Mr. Finch’s scolding met her ears. Hailey was on cloud nine!
After school, Hailey met Jason at his black Camaro and they went to Steak n’ Shake.
“Hello, thanks for coming to Steak n’ Shake, what would you like to order.” The high-pitched voice at the drive through pierced their ears.
“I would like a mocha milkshake,” Jason said.
“What’s that, hon?”
“Oh, oops.” Jason rolled down the window. “I said a mocha milkshake.”
“Ok, will that be all for you?”
“Um, no, just a minute.”
“Ok order when you’re ready.”
“Um,” Hailey scanned the board of such tempting desserts. “I think…I think I’ll have…the turtle caramel nut milkshake.”
“All right, and is that all? Burger, fries?” Now the lady seemed to need to blow her nose.
“No that’s all.” Jason replied.
“Ok that will be $7.47 at the first window thank you very much.” The lady replied.
After paying for and receiving their drinks, they sat on a bench for a while, sipping and talking. Hailey’s phone buzzed with a text.
Mom: Hailey I’m not sure what ur doing right now but could you come home I need help with cleaning
Me: fine I’m on my way
Mom: oh and could you stop by walmart and get bananas please
So after stopping by WalMart Jason pulled up a little ways from her street.
Hailey unbuckled her seat belt. “Thanks, Jason, that was fun.”
“No problem. I enjoy being with you, Hailey.” Hailey’s face literally burned. Her ears tingled.
“Um, I enjoy being with you, too. See you tomorrow.” As Hailey walked down her street, she tried not to burst out screaming. He basically said that he liked her! She would have texted Jaime but she probably was sleeping. Oh, well. Hailey felt a burst of energy and ran the rest of the way home.
In her room, she buried her face in her pillow, replaying the scene over and over in her head. She squealed.
“Did you guys kiss?”
“Mphwuh?” Hailey lifted her head out of the pillow and nearly screamed at Rian, who was suddenly right in front of her.
“Come on. I know you guys went on another date. I saw him drop you off. Mom didn’t though so don’t worry. He’s got a nice Camaro.”
Hailey threw her pillow at her brother. “No, we didn’t kiss. But he…he practically told me that he liked me back, so it’s close enough I guess. We went to Steak n’ Shake.” Rian nodded with approval and left. Big snoop into my love life, that’s what he is, Hailey thought. But she just twirled around again, practicing a few ballet moves. She picked up her picture of her dad.
I miss you, Daddy. I wish you could be here to see this.
Her breathing became tight again. Her lungs contracted, making her unable to breathe. “Oh, Dad.” Was all she was able to whisper as a tear rolled down her cheek. She kissed the delicate glass, forced her lungs to relax, took some deep breaths, and set the picture back down on the nightstand. Wiping the tear away, she started dancing again. Nothing seemed to get into the way of her giddiness. That is, until she heard from Jaime the next day.
OK, OK, so I know it’s sounding more of a romance story, but it really isn’t. this Hailey/Jason thing going on is only part of the story. You’ll get it. I’m so excited but sad at the same time! The next two chapters nearly made me cry…I DID cry on one of them…my poor characters I’m tearing them apart! lol
Please comment! I want you to so badly! (don’t we all haha)
luv u all…I really do! I’m a nerd and I love writing, and you guys liking my story REALLY DOES mean, and I’m not just saying this, it truly means A LOT to me! I really do love you people, and thank you very much!! love

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Are You There? Part 4

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