Apostrophe to Autocorrect

Wrote this for school sometime last year. Hope you enjoy

Autocorrect, it’s true you no, you make my life a pane.

It’s possible you just assume, that you can reed my brain.

I can’t seam to type quite anything, but that you just jump a head.

“Oh, thank you! Of course that’s what I meant!” No person ever said.

Some thymes I can’t say anything, and when I actually try,

I end up wishing someone duck, and telling them to die.

According to you the grass is glean, and ocean water’s blew.

Bananas are jello, apples are read, and violets are goo.

I hate it when you interrupt, it is just plane rude.

I no you’re just trying to help, but some thymes… really, dude?

Like yesterday, at breakfast, you really planned it well.

A peace of toes with budder, oh come on, really now?

Serial with some hole milk, and I was almost done,

When you suggested Orange Juice, then told me there was Nun.

I’d hoped you’d make school better, but again you let me down.

The teacher discussed our riff, my tick. That turned it upside down.

Lunch of course, you made a blast. Eating it was the chore.

A sand witch, let us, tom ate those, could I ask for more?

Homework of course, you make it real nice. I’m jumping up and down.

How about Gorge Wash in ton, or maybe Chime us town.

Getting in bed is even better, my paw jam us are so grate.

I love to brush my teeth, but flaw sing’s what I hate.

And then I climb under the cheats, and pull them up to my shin.

And as I fall asleep, yup, Autocorrect, you win.

Of course, what else wood you do? You’re Autocorrect, you no.

I guarantee you won’t take leave, you will be hear tomorrow.

Now you see, you’re such a pane. I never have forgot.

I don’t think that’ll stop you though… yeah, that’s what I thought.

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Apostrophe to Autocorrect

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