Angel in the Kalahari

Angel in the Kalahari

Sekuba rubbed his eyes and peered into the darkness of his little hut. He couldn’t see anything.

“I am sure an angel was talking to me just now,” he muttered. “He was standing beside my bed. But it must have been only a dream.”

He tried to go back to sleep but could not. What the angel had said kept repeating itself in his mind: “Go in search of the truth.”

Sekuba knew something about Christianity. He was sure the angel was telling him to go to a Christian church. But which one? The angel hadn’t said.

When at last the sun came up and chased the dark away, Sekuba sat watching his cattle nibbling the scattered grass of Africa’s huge Kalahari Desert, where he lived.

“Go in search of the truth,” he repeated. But where should I go? he wondered.

Then he remembered Johannesburg, the great city across the desert. Surely there he would find the truth. He decided to go to Johannesburg.

Knowing he would be gone a long time, he sold his animals before setting out. It was a long, wearying journey, but finally he arrived. There he found a Christian church, became a member, and learned many truths from the Bible.

Then one night the angel came back. “Look again,” he said. “There is more truth for you.”

Sekuba left the city and searched till he found another mission. The missionary gave him a Bible, but, alas, Sekuba had not learned to read.

He had, however, learned by this time how to pray, and he asked God for help. He picked up the Bible and, miraculously, found he could read it!

Day by day and week by week he learned more truth in this new church. Yet there were still many things in the Bible he could not understand, and the missionary could not explain them.

Then a third time the angel appeared. “Search once more,” he said.

As the brightness of the angel faded away, Sekuba thought he saw a man sitting beside him reading a Bible. The man reached up to a shelf and took down a book. Then the man, too, faded away.

What church shall I go to now? Sekuba wondered.

In the morning, as he looked at the sky, he saw a strange cloud in the distance. “God sent it to guide me,” he decided. He followed that cloud 150 miles to the home of a Seventh-day Adventist.

The Adventist invited him in, and Sekuba told him of his desire to find truth. Without thinking what he was doing, the young man reached up to a shelf and took down a book from the set Testimonies for the Church, by Ellen G. White.

Sekuba stared, scarcely believing what he was seeing. “That is the book I saw in my dream!” he cried out.

The Adventist took him to his church, and for several weeks they studied the Bible together. Sekuba was sure he had finally discovered the truth the angel had told him to look for. He joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church and went home.

Every year for many years after that he traveled those 150 miles, bringing his tithes and offerings to the church. Year after year he brought with him several persons ready to be baptized because, through him, they too had found God’s truth.

Written by Lawrence Maxwell
Illustrated by Terry Crews

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Angel in the Kalahari

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