Amy and the pets Ch. 2

Salut a tous! Here is the next chapter. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been very busy. Here is the next chapter:
Chapter 2 
“Hmm, what should I make for breakfast? Oh, I’ll just make the usual…fried eggs and toast.” Mom said while looking in the fridge early the next morning. She hummed softly. “Wait,” mom stopped her face wrinkled in confusion.  “Where are the eggs?” Just then, Amy walked down stairs. ” Bonjour maman!” “Bonjour mon chéri!” 
“Where are the eggs? There was a full tray of 6 when I checked last.”
”Ummm…” Amy’s chirpy face slowly turned pink. “It got knocked over accidentally… I can buy them back today,” She said. “Ok, what happened?” Mom asked. Amy told her everything. “Well, it was your first time, just remember, never, leave the stove on when you are gone.” “Oh, by the way,
I signed you up to volunteer at the animal shelter. I know you’d love that!”
“Oh non! When is it?”
“It’s just once a week and it starts tomorrow.”
Amy took a deep breath, her face turning pink. She didn’t want to animal-sit. Animals are cute and everything, I just don’t want to have to baby sit them. 
“What’s wrong?” Mom asked.
“I don’t want to volunteer..”
” Oh, well, go for 2 weeks, and if you still don’t like it, I guess I can take you out.” 
The next day
When Amy arrived, she slowly walked inside. “Hello!” A friendly lady smiled. “I’m Kennedy, one of the supervisors. I’ll show you around.
The animal shelter was small, but there were so many tiny, cute cats and dogs, there were birds too.
“This little kitty is named Buttercup. She was one of the smallest kittens. Buttercup is 5 weeks old. She loves to explore and she needs lots of attention.” Kennedy said handing her a tiny, orange-yellow kitten. “Aww, she is so cute.” Buttercup meowed and started squirming. “Her eyes opened a few days ago. Here is a small list of things that you need to do with her.”
“Ok, thanks!”
This might actually be easier than I thought.
It wasn’t a very long list. I have a longer list of chores to do at home.
Amy read:
Play time: 10 minutes 
Feeding time: A serving of meat, a small bottle of milk. 12:00 PM
Clean litter box
Outside time: 10 minutes
Play time: 20 minutes 
Nap time
Kennedy led her to the kittens’ play area.
Amy watched the other little kitties run around.
Two Birman kittens were playing tug of war with a little string.
A few others were play fighting or trying to catch a little Pom-pom hanging from a string. Buttercup trotted over to a small orange kitten chasing a ball. “This one is Buttercup’s brother, Otis.”

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Amy and the pets Ch. 2

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