Amy and the 3 little pets Chapter 1

Bonjour à tous!! I started this other story in young writers club. Here it is, tell me if you want to hear more.
Chapter 1 Oh no!
Polly the parrot flapped around the house. The dog barked loudly. Then, Polly chirped, “Be quiet!” as Caesar barked. She repeated it over and over until Amy ran in to stop the noisy pets. “Polly, be quiet! Donny, sit down! Ugh!” Then, she sat down to watch her favourite show on the tv. Soon, a burnt smell filled the house. Amy had forgotten the pot on the stove and now the peas were all burnt.
She turned off the stove and moved the pot, She moved in a hurry and accidentally knocked over the tray of eggs and they smashed on the ground. While she tried to clean everything up, the dog started running around in the house and stepped on the eggs (she had to chuckle when their dog almost slipped in the egg) took a lick, and started running again spreading the egg all over the house. Today has just been catastrophic. After everything is cleaned up, Amy finally sat down. Whew. I’m done cleaning up. Crash!!!
Her cat knocked over her  mom’s favourite coffee mug half full with coffee and it hit the ground with a smash. “I will never again stay home with the animals myself!” She yelled, exasperated. Amy put the frightened cat in her bedroom. She brought the dog and the parrot in her bedroom too and locked the door so they can’t cause anymore trouble. Then, she tramped downstairs to clean up the coffee. And, see how she can fix the mug. After that, she gave the pets their dinner. Amy washed Donny the dog’s feet and put him in his room, put Polly in her cage, and put Carly the kitten in her kitty bed.
Not long after that, when the sun was set, a car pulled up into the driveway. Amy sighed a sigh of relief. Her parents were back. “Hello sweetie! Wow! You cleaned the house. Thank you!”
Her mom smiled. “Ok,” Amy replied. “Wait, where’s my coffee mug? I left it here on the desk.” Mom looked around. “Um… Carly knocked it over so I cleaned up. The mug broke, sorry.” “Oh, that’s ok, I can buy another one.”
“Did you feed the pets?” Dad asked. “Yes, I just finally got to sit down.”
Later, when it was almost 12 year old Amy’s bedtime, she heard her parents talking. She crept up to hear what they were saying. “Wow! This place is cleaner than we left it….” “Amy is a good pet sitter…” “We should leave her here more…” “I was scared at first but she did a good job…”
Oh man! Amy cringed. Not again. She thought.
Au revoir! A la prochaine!

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Amy and the 3 little pets Chapter 1

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