Am I okay? chapter 1

I okay? Chapter 1                              

Kelsey looked out the window
in her room she sighed. Big tears rolled down her face it had been a week since
her mom and her big brother had died in that horrible car crash just thinking
about it made her dark green eyes fill with tears.  At first she was shocked them realization
creped on her, she would NEVER see mom again… big brother was gone Forever. Dad
was never home she did not ever really see him. To her the whole world had
crashed and no one cared at all!!!!  She
sighed no one cared, well that was not all the way true. Lorrie cared but she
was only six. And her best friend Annie cared.

months later…

Kelsey was walking with her
head down.  Annie was walking chattering
happily about some new clothes she had got. Kelsey did not pay attention. Today
was, well used to be Jordan’s birthday he was going to be sixteen. He had been
counting down this day since… well a long time because then he could drive. She
had made him promise that she would be the first to ride with him. She had only
been nine.  But her brother had never
forgotten…  she was so lost in thought
that she bumped right into Chrissie and her popular friends. Sorry she mumbled.  Excuse me!!! Chrissie almost yelled.  I said I was sorry Kelsey snapped trying not
to let the tears start.  She tried to
walk away but the Chrissie and the other girls surrounded her telling her
things that jabbed her like a knife and suddenly the tears began to flow she
just could not stop them she felt so alone.
Where was Annie?  Then the bell
rang everyone ran to there classis.  


Kelsey was safe at home for
the time being. Just then her phone buzzed Kelsey looked down at her phone it
was Annie, “hey I am so sorry, I did not know that Chrissie was bothering you again
I should have paid better attention”

It is Okay… you want to sleep
over to tomorrow night?


   Kelsey looked up.  Who was knocking at the door at this hour? It
can’t be Annie our sleep over is not till tomorrow. Kelsey was starting to get
up she heard Lorrie get up and open the door.

Um hello?

Is this were Josh Estill

Yes, that’s my dad he is——–

I did not know my Josh had a

Who are you? I said coming to
the door.

Oh he has two kids!!!

Uh you still did not my

Oh my name is miss Safire
Nelson, but in a few months you can call me mother.


She is right girls, she—-


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Am I okay? chapter 1

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