All the Colors of Light


Today I heard a children’s story about colors. It wasn’t entirely accurate. Somehow there was a little bit of information that wasn’t true. So I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. When we look at the rainbow, there are often seven lines of color in a coloring book. But the rainbow is a spectrum of color and has millions of variations of six colors (three primary and three secondary): Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. We then use white and black to create different saturation.

However, when Sir Isaac Newton was studying optics he depicted the rainbow as having seven bands of color/light ( He did this because seven is mathematically an interesting number. As you may suspect, we see this number very early and continuously in the Bible. To us Seventh-Day Adventist Christians, the rainbow and the number seven are well known and each have unique stories and meaning.

If you want learn more about light and color, check out the Optics Honor at:

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All the Colors of Light

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