Adventist Boot Camp

“Hurry up Kenny or you’ll be late.” Mom says as she drags me out of bed for the 3rd time. I groan and put a pillow over my head to block out the sun. “You’re gonna be late for school. Horrible to start off a fresh new year tardy.” She says. I finally listen and get up. Then I threw the pillow at her. She laughed. “Be downstairs by 7:00.” Then she leaves. I go to the bathroom, wash up, and pull on my new pair of red skinny jeans, and a shirt that says ‘Nerd Are Cool’ with a smiley face with glasses on it. Then I put on my black converse, apply some lipgloss and head downstairs. “You’re 5 minutes late Kenny.” My annoying brother, Jonathan says. “Whatever.” I say. I grab 2 waffles and yell “BYE!” Then I’m out the door before you could say ‘apple palooza really fast. I checked my watch. I was 30 minutes early. I decided I would take my time. After about 2 minutes of walking, I finish up my waffles when I hear someone behind me. I turn around to find 2 weird looking guys wearing all black staring at me. “Get her.” One of them says. Before I have any time to scream or shout or even grab my cell phone, the other man grabs me and pulls me into a black SUV that I didn’t even notice. He cupped his hand over my mouth when I tried to scream. I kicked and made alll possible movements, but the injury that the man recieved wasn’t severe. This day is going oh so wrong.
The man throws me into the back of the SUV and locks the back door. Then he gets in the passenger seat with the other guy. I look down and see another figure looking at me. My eyes grow wide when I realize it’s my brother. He sees me too and gasps. The man looks at us giving us the ‘move and I’ll kill you look’ so we stop staring at eachother and instead we stare at the delicate but dangerous black gun placed in his hands. I try not to even blink, so I close my eyes and I start to pray. But then I think that It’s useless. I’m stuck with these strangers and there is nothing I can do.
About 45 minutes later (according to my watch) we finally stop driving. The man gets out of the car and opens the back where we were. He instructed us to get out. We climb out and walk towards the building which looked like an abanodonded shed. It was SUPER big though and I wonder if anyone else is there. We walk into the shed and I see a bunch of closed doors. We’re forced to walk down a looooooooong hallway until they stop at another door and push us into it. One man come in with us too.
“You kids know why your here?” The man asks. “No…..” I say with a trembling voice. “This is 7th Day Adventist Boot Camp. ABC for short. Your here because your an adventist.” The man says with disgust. “The government has us searching for people like you because your bad. We don’t take adults, because they are too old, but kids with less experience will work and are easier to handle. Your job is to work, or die. You will track down other adventists like you and tell me their location so they will be gone. We need to wipe out the population of kid adventists as quickly as possible because they cause danger to this Earth. Next is Baptist. Then Jews. It’s like World War ll all over again.” The man says with a chuckle. I’m shocked. This cannot be happening. “You will work 7 in the morning and work then eat breakfast at 8 then you will work until 5pm. Then you can do whatever you want. You will track down kids, clean, cook, work, work, and work. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” We whisper. I look down at my black converse. Lord, what will happen to us?

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Adventist Boot Camp

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