Achan’s Battle with Lust

Achan’s Battle with Lust

God told Joshua, “Take nothing from Jericho for yourselves

But you shall bring them back for my glory.”

Achan  disobeyed God, letting his lust take over

And hid the stolen items in his tent.

Well, life went on as usual

Time to fight the people of Ai. Easy, right?

The soldiers of Ai overthrew the Israelites

Thirty-six men they did kill.

Joshua cried,”Oh, Lord, why?

The Lord said, “There is sin in your camp.

Go, search and find who is responsible.

Joshua found Achan  guilty

And they stoned him and his family and burned them

That day.

What would you have done?

Would you follow Achan’s example

Or would you let God take control?

The End

16 thoughts on “Achan’s Battle with Lust”

  1. No offense to the other wonderful stories on this website (they’re awesome!), but I wish more people took the actual Bible stories and wrote about them on here, like you. I would love to see one in Guide, other than the one that’s in the back with the “Junior PowerPoints” section.

    Good job, girl! ❤️👍

  2. This bible story reflects current situations now. It’s almost like having addictions. In Bible times, they had tough measures. In our times, we have treatment centers, therapy, and rehabilitation centers.

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Achan’s Battle with Lust

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