A Reason to Love Ch. 4

Hi everyone! Here is the next chapter…I know I’ve been posting these pretty fast (which you guys probably like..lol) but I can’t do it too fast cause I’m not finished with the rest of the story…Sorry it’s kinda short……anyway…here it is!


“Matthew!” Stacey shouted. “Stop right there! If you don’t..” “Oh, come on. I was just having a little fun.” Matthew said. “You call that fun? You could’ve gotten hit by a car!” Stacey said. It was going to take a while to get Matthew out of his old lifestyle. Sure, he was improving, but school had influenced him and it was hard to undo. “Fine. Let’s go.” Stacey and Matthew were on their way to Alex’s house.

Knock! Knock! The door opened and a very pretty young woman met them. “Hello. Can I help you?” “Uh..” Matthew elbowed Stacey in the side. It was obvious he didn’t know how to talk to women. She gave him a slight glare and told the lady why they were there. “I’m Stacey and this is Matthew. We’re,” Stacey hesitated. ” friends of Alex. Do you mind if we speak to him?” “Oh..sure!” The woman disappeared into the house and came back with Alex. ” I’ll just be inside.” She told them.

“What do you want?” Alex asked. It was plain to see that he didn’t want them there. This was going to be harder than Stacey thought. “Um. Hi Alex. Who was that?” “My Aunt. She’s visiting. Now what do you want?” Stacey exchanged looks with Matthew as if to say, He’s your friend. Why don’t you say something. “Alex, have you thought about what we talked about yesterday?” “Yeah…I guess. Some. Ok, not really. Why does that matter anyway?” Alex pulled Matthew aside. “You didn’t tell Stacey did you?” “No, but she already knew.” “She already knew?! How?” Alex whispered loudly. “Tiffany overheard us talking. Anyway, that doesn’t matter now. Have you really thought about what I said?” Alex moved his hands around uncomfortably. “Yeah, ok? I just…I don’t know what to do. Listen, I’m glad you care and stuff, but it’s really none of your business. Have fun believing in God and following a list rules, but don’t count me in. I’m a human not a robot. I can do what I want. Plus, what people don’t know won’t hurt them right?” Matthew tried to have patience. After all, if it hadn’t been for Stacey or Tiffany, he might’ve become a different person.

“No. Not right. I’ve been where you are Alex..” “No you haven’t!” Alex shouted. “Did your mom die? Are you alone and worthless? You have no clue what I’ve gone through.” Matthew glanced at Stacey, who looked worried. “Listen, Alex. You’re not worthless. And you’re not alone. You have me and God. You may think that he doesn’t care, but believe me, he does. He loves you no matter what you’ve done, who you are, or what you’ve gone through. If anyone understands, it’s Him.” Alex looked so vulnerable. He almost looked as though he was going to cry. Then the impossible happened. He did start to cry. “Matthew, I’m so sorry. I just feel so alone. I feel like no one cares, when all along you were with me all the way. I want someone to understand, but I don’t know how to say how I feel.” ” You just did, Alex. You just did.”




Tiffany and Amber walked back from the meeting. “Wow..that was a pretty good speaker.” Tiffany said. “Yeah. He really got me to think. And the message was so good.” Tiffany smiled through tears. “I know..just look at me. He got me to cry.” Amber smiled back. “You know. I always knew that God loved me no matter what, but the way he explained it, it was just so powerful.” Tiffany let her thoughts escape. “I sure wish Alex could’ve heard that.” “What? Who’s Alex?” Amber asked. ” Oops..did I say that out loud? He’s a friend. Well, sorta. Anyway, he’s having a rough time and he just really needs God.” “Oh. I know some people like that. It’s sad that some people just won’t accept how loved they really are.” “Yeah.”

Tiffany let the message sink in deep in her heart. The speaker talked about how he did some bad stuff in the past and locked it all inside. He knew that God loved him, but he couldn’t experience the real joy that God had for him because of all his secrets. Once he truly believed that God loved him no matter what, he felt free and let out all the brokenness within. He finally found the true joy and peace that God was trying to give him all along.


Once they got back to the cabin, Tiffany wrote in her journal.



Thank you for loving me. Please show Alex how loved he is and help Stacey, Ty, and Matthew know what to do in order to help him. Thank you for giving me Amber. She is exactly the kind of friend I’ve always wanted. She understands me and I feel like I can tell her anything. Thank you for the speaker tonight. He really showed me how much you care for us. I love you.



Tiffany closed her journal and let the thought of God’s love sink in as she slowly drifted to sleep.


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A Reason to Love Ch. 4

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