A Reason to Love Ch. 3


Here’s Chapter 3! Enjoy!!!

Tiffany jumped in the van prepared for camp. Her dad never gave any sort of surprise the day before so she decided to say something. “So, uh. Dad?” Her dad gave Beverly a knowing look. He knew Tiffany would ask sooner or later. “Yes?” “Um..What did you do yesterday?” “Let’s see. I woke up, ate some breakfast, went to work, came home, ate dinner, and went to sleep.” He winked at Beverly. “Da-ad.” Tiffany whined. “Alright. Alright. Look in the pocket in front of you.” Tiffany opened the pocket on the seat in front of her a little wider. Something caught her eye. “No way!” Tiffany shouted. It was the book she’d been asking for. God’s love. A teen girl’s guide to finding hope in a dark world. “Thank you so much!” Her dad grinned and looked at Beverly, who was also grinning. “Good thing she likes it. I almost took it back last night because she stopped asking for it.” “Oh..come on. You knew I’d like it!” Tiffany sat back in her seat thinking about camp.  She hoped she would make some new friends, have a great time riding, and growing closer to God during this week. It would take about 3 hours to get there so she decided to write in her journal.

I’m finally on my way to Cattle Creek Ranch! I’m so excited. I pretty much just left so it will still take a while to get there. Of course, I am worried about Matthew, Alex, Stacey, and Ty. I’m really not sure what is going on but I’m holding Stacey to her promise. I’ll just relax and enjoy the week. After all, Stacey said that she had it all under control.

Tiffany doodled on the page for a while and then dozed off. When she woke up she saw the sign that she had been waiting to see her whole life. Welcome To Cattle Creek Ranch! Enjoy your stay.

“Hurry up, Dad!” Tiffany said form the back seat. The car was slowly coming to a stop. “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! I can’t wait any longer!” Beverly got out of the car to check Tiffany in. Tiffany hopped out and breathed in the fresh air. She felt like she was in another world. Everything seemed bigger. “Welcome to the ranch.” Tiffany turned around to see a women who looked like she was a real cowgirl.

“Thanks! I’m really excited. This is my first time here.” Tiffany talked to the woman for a while, while her dad carried her stuff to the cabin where she would be staying. Finally the woman left Tiffany to say her goodbyes and explore the camp. Tiffany hurried to the horse barn but just as she passed a group of people her age, she slipped in the mud and fell face flat. She was so embarrassed that she just laid there for a while hoping the people would just go away. “Uh…Here let me help.” A hand pulled Tiffany up. “Thanks. I feel so embarrassed. I didn’t want that to be my first impression.” “Oh, that’s ok. I’ve done it before too. I’m Amber. I’m in cabin 3B.” “Oh..Hi! I’m Tiffany. I think that’s my cabin too. Thanks for helping me up. I was just on my way to the horse barn but-” Tiffany looked at herself and realized she was covered in mud. “Here..uh let’s go get you changed. We have an hour before the meeting starts. I’ll go to the barn with you if you want.” Tiffany gave Amber a grateful smile and agreed.

They walked to the cabin in silence. Tiffany still felt embarrassed about what happened. This was her chance to meet new friends and she blew it on the very first day. Well, except for Amber. She seemed nice, but Tiffany could tell that they both had quiet personalities. “Um..listen. You don’t have to come with me. Are you sure it’s ok? I mean, It looked like you were talking to someone.” Tiffany made an effort to talk, but she could tell she needed more experience talking to new people. “It’s fine. Really. Plus, that was just Luke. He doesn’t mind.” “Luke? As in Luke Johnson?” Tiffany’s mouth dropped and Amber could see that Luke Johnson was no ordinary guy to her. “Yup! Ever heard of him?” Amber gave Tiffany a smile as she questioned her knowledge. “Heard of him? Of course I’ve heard of him. He’s only the most popular guy here!!!” Tiffany was really excited now. “We’ve been good friends since last year. I was kinda an outcast last year and he really stepped out and made me feel included.” Amber explained. “Luke? Stepping out to help an outcast? Who ever heard of such a thing?! This should’ve been breaking news!” Tiffany was no longer the shy girl Amber thought she was. Her hidden personality was now coming out. “Listen Tiffany. He may be popular, but he didn’t want that. He’s a normal teen like anyone else. He just happens to be the most kind and Godly person I have ever met.” ” Well, sorry. I guess I only heard part of the story. Everyone is always saying how cool and popular he is, I guess I never saw the person he really is.”

They arrived at the cabin and Tiffany changed as fast as she could. “Ready?” Amber asked. “Sure am. Let’s go!” The 2 girls ran to the barn. It was worth it when they got there. “Wow!” Tiffany whispered in awe. “They’re so beautiful.” “Yeah, they sure are.” Amber agreed. The horses greeted them by jogging up to the fence. “Hi there.” Tiffany said to the buckskin. It was a tannish color with a black mane. One of the prettiest horses she had ever seen. A half an hour went by and the girls thought they should probably get going. They said goodbye to the horses and turned to make their way to the cabin to meet their counselor.


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A Reason to Love Ch. 3

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