A Reason to Love Ch. 2


Here’s chapter 2!! Enjoy!

Tiffany went for a ride on Allie, a new horse that her mom rescued. Allie was a black quarter horse and was a great with kids. Beep! Beep! Tiffany’s phone went off. She brought Allie to a walk and checked the text. It was from Ty.

Hey! Meet me at HH ASAP!!! I txted Stace 2! Hurry!

HH stood for Halls Hill. If Ty needed her at Halls Hill ASAP that could only mean one thing. And that one thing wasn’t good. It had to do with the vandalism. Tiffany brought Allie to a trot then a canter. “Come on, Allie! We have to go back now. Ty needs me!” Allie felt Tiffany’s urge and raced even faster.

Finally they arrived at the barn and Tiffany hopped off Allie. “I’m gonna put you in the pasture for now ok?” Tiffany told Allie.

Thankfully Stacey was on her way to Halls Hill just as Tiffany jogged to the road. Stacey pulled over and told Tiffany to get in the car. “Good thing you were driving by. I was planning on jogging there.” “Are you serious?” Stacey asked. “That would have took like 15 minutes!” “Stace, 15 minutes really isn’t that lon-” Tiffany stopped in mid-sentence as Stacey slammed on the brakes. “Really?? Watch where you’re going!” Stacey yelled out the window. “Stacey! That’s Matthew. And who taught you to scream at people who get in your way? That’s not how you handle a situation.” Tiffany said matter-of-factly. “Uh…Sorry. I didn’t see you.” Matthew tried to hide his smile but didn’t do a very good job. He burst out in laughter. Then Tiffany started. “I don’t see what’s so funny.” Stacey said with a frown. Tiffany tried to explain that Matthew had heard their past conversation and somehow thought it was hilarious and Tiffany, laughter being contagious, started laughing too. Stacey started to smile and then burst out in laughter too. “So, Matthew…” Tiffany started. “Where are you going?” “Well, I…Uh. I’m going to Halls Hill.” Tiffany and Stacey looked at each other in surprise. If Matthew did vandalize Halls Hill, why on earth would he tell them that he was going there?

“Why are you going there? It’s been closed since the vandalism.” Stacey said. Matthew looked uncomfortable then started his story, “I know. I’m meeting someone there.” He leaned in and whispered something to them. “I’m not the one who vandalized it but I do know who did.” They stared at him in disbelief. “Why don’t you turn him in?” Tiffany looked very confused and Matthew felt he should explain. “I can’t. I’m giving him a chance to turn himself in. He already knows that I know. And I know that this sounds weird coming from me, a guy who gets into trouble sometimes but, the guy who did it really needs God and I want to help him out.”

Stacey looked shocked. Maybe Matthew wasn’t the kind of guy she thought he was. “How about you join our club.” Stacey burst out. “What?! I never thought I would hear that coming from you.” Tiffany gave Stacey a knowing look. “Well, I think Matthew deserves a chance. What do ya say?” Matthew looked from Stacey to Tiffany and noticed that Tiffany seemed sorta pleased that Stacey brought up the idea. “Well, as long as it’s not a girls club, I’d say yes!” “Don’t worry. Ty is in it too.” Stacey giggled a little.

As they stood there talking about the club, Tiffany remembered that Ty was waiting for them. She told Matthew to get in and off they went to Halls Hill.




Ty stood by his car waiting for the girls to show up. Finally Stacey’s car pulled up. “Well, It’s about time!” Ty yelled from his car.  “Man, I need to teach you both a lesson about yelling.” Tiffany said to Stacey.

Ty was shocked to see 3 people get out of the car instead of 2. Matthew said a quick and awkward hello and turned to see Alex waiting in the alley. “I…uh. I gotta go.” Matthew took off toward the alley and Tiffany decided to follow him. Tiffany overheard his conversation.

~ Come on. You really should turn yourself in. It’s the right thing to do.

~Are you kidding me? I’m not doing that! I’m already in enough trouble. I don’t need to add a vandalism attack to that list!

~Alex, listen to me, why did you vandalize Halls Hill anyway?

~Matthew, I had to get back at them.

~For what?

~One of their horses bucked my mom off and she died.

Tiffany now understood a little bit better on why Alex would do it but, of course, that still didn’t give him an excuse to vandalize it. Tiffany went back to Stace and Ty and told them the news. “Well, I guess we really don’t need to be here anymore.” Ty said. “What do you mean?” Asked Stace. “Well, the reason I texted you is because I saw Alex there. I guess there’s no point in staying now. Hey, Tiffany, aren’t you going to camp soon?” “Wow! With all of this going on I kinda forgot! I leave tomorrow!! I’m excited but what about this whole thing with Matthew and stuff?” Stacey budded in. “We got it covered. You have a good time and when you get back we will have everything figured out.”

Tiffany said that she had to go and get ready for camp tomorrow. “See you guys later! I can just walk back. Thanks for the ride Stacey.” “No problem.” Stacey called as Tiffany jogged away.


“Hey Mom! I’m home!” Tiffany yelled from the driveway. “Oh, good! You need to make sure everything’s ready for camp!” Beverly flew out of the house as if it was on fire. “Where’s Dad?” Tiffany asked realizing it was about time for him to be home from work. “Oh, well, Uh…he’ll be back soon.” Beverly hid a small smile on her face. “Oh, all right.” She decided to just play along. “Well, I’m gonna go inside and make sure everything is ready. Be back soon!” Tiffany ran inside and grabbed her suitcase. She was already packed but she wanted to make sure she had everything.

  • Clothes for 7 days(extras just in case)

  • Brush

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Camera

  • Riding helmet

  • Underclothes

  • Tennis shoes

  • Bathing suit

  • Flash light

  • Phone(for emergencies)

Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, and check.

What am I missing? Tiffany thought. I feel like I forgot something. She searched her room as if looking for something to pack. Of course! Tiffany scrambled to her desk drawer. She yanked her notebook from it and threw it into her “On-the-way” bag. She wanted to write in it everyday while she was at camp so that she would always remember the best week of her life. Or so she thought.


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A Reason to Love Ch. 2

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