A Pitiful Poem

The purpose of this lyrical work is to help your parents and other caregivers gain insight into your deepest needs. (You may wish to have a friend play a violin in the background as you read aloud.)


My heart cries out loud In anguish I speaks, So listen, I beg you, ’Cuz I’m up some creeks.

My friends say my hairstyle
Looks best on a sheep,
That wearing a helmet
Would be a huge leap.

My pimples are world-class
My pants four years old,
The treat in my lunchbag
Is covered with mold.

No secret admirer
Has sent me a note,
I ran for class office
But gained not one vote.

I tried hard in math class
To pull a good grade,
But the C I took home
Gained no accolade.

There’s one other thing
I need you to know:
My pockets are empty
Of meaningful dough.

I guess I’ll survive
The trauma I face,
But one thing would help:
Please give me some space!
(Here the violin fades away, something God’s care for you never does.)

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A Pitiful Poem

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