A New Type Of Love

A New Type Of Love, chapter six 

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Chapter Six.

“My grandfather’s life started out on a humble plantation in Cordero Springs, Louisiana*.

He was just seven years old when he was separated from his entire family……”

The children sat back and listened as the story teller spoke.

“Jethro! Jethro!!

JETHRO boy did you not hear meh callin ya name?”

The red headed, pale, freckled 19 year-old overseer snapped.

“Ye…Yessir…I heard you was callin me.”

“Why didn’t you come the first time?”

Caleb, the masters son hissed.

Seven year old Jethro, also know as Roy,

nearly crumbled from exhaustion. 

His little arms were sore and stinging from the many insect bites after being in the field for hours upon hours. Yet he still earnestly continued his daily labor until he finally heard the call to return to his cabin.

Once it came,

he quickly ran to his family’s small but tidy one room cabin. There he lived with his uncle Jonathan, who was just nine years of age, his grandmother Marion, his twin sister Marielle, and  his younger sister Saffiyra.

Shortly after he arrived, grandma Marion started out with the usual nightly prayer.

“Father…oh Father God….You know we ah’ struggling, but Lord please keep your chillren. Keep us from the evil hands and may we never forgot how good You are… Amen.”

The children smiled as they thought of one day being free from the shackles of plantation life. But it was not coming, not anytime soon….

After a small meal of corn and beans, Jethro settled down on his little mat next to his uncle. The boys whispered stories until they fell asleep to the comforting chirping of crickets.

But little did he know, this would be the last night they all would be together as a family in that cabin.

Less than three hours later the children and grandma Marion suddenly woke out of their sleep. 

The children quickly jerked up at the sound of horses and guns. Frightened, four year old Saffiyra instantly started shedding tears, but knew she was to keep quiet. 

Grandma Marion rocked her from side to side as she quietly consoled the children.

“They are here to take some of us. One of the other slaves, Luke, ran away. Massa does not want anymore missing slaves so he is moving us around….whatever happens to you children remember to never loose you faith. Do not let the love inside you die! God is ALWAYS there! I love you and He loves you more.” 

Little Jethro nodded silently as he held back tears. 

How could he ever feel love after all he had seen was pain? 

His father, grandma Marion’s oldest son had been killed by the master during a drunken rage. His mother, Betsy, had been sold when his baby sister Saffiyra was only three months old, just a month after his father died. No one in the family had seen her since. Grandma Marion was left to raise the three children, along with Jonathan, the youngest and only child out of her seven children she lived with and had even seen in years. Grandpa Reuben had died just a year before from an unknown sickness, leaving her to fend for herself along with the children by her side. But through all things, Jethro’s grandma, also know as Marion Jones, never lost hope. She still had faith as strong as any faithful character in the bible. 

And it was a faith she would take to her grave.


Not soon after the commotion outside was heard,

A sudden loud bang on the door startled the little family. Before any words were exchanged, a big, burly tanned man threw it open.


Looking around, he quickly grabbed Jonathan and Jethro. “How old are you boys?!”

The man quickly demanded.

“N…n…nine sir..” Jonathan responded.

“You lyin boyy!”

“N..no sir”

The man squinted his eyes at the boy and nodded in disgust. It was true, Jonathan Jones’s long legs and built frame made him appear to be much older. But he was a gentle giant. A lover of nature, he often became distracted by little insects such as butterflies during his work in the fields. This usually landed him a heavy beating. 

Despite this, his pure soul refused to believe that people could be so evil.

He always would say….

“Mama, masters not all that evil. He just don’t know what good is yet.”

Fortunately, his gentleness did also earn him favor from various places. 

However, Jethro, on the other hand, was the opposite. He made sure that his presence was known. He did not appreciate people talking down on him, and was sure to speak his little mind.

This did land him a few beatings as well, but in his world, they were worth it.

Unfortunately he was soon to enter the most difficult years of his life in which had no room for pride.

The man, named Simeon, brought him and his young uncle to a plantation, far, far, far away. 

Once they arrived, Jethro and Jonathan were greeted by an older boy named Daniel Brown and his mother Becky. They also lived on the boys new “home”, or the Smith Plantation as it was called. It was a small, farm plantation. Potatoes, corn, beans, and peanuts were grown there. Aunt Becky worked inside the large brick house making all sorts of beautiful clothing; while Daniel, his older sister Eliza, and three other children whose names were  Timothy, Lemuel, and Rachel worked in the large gardens. There was only two men on the plantation, both of whom worked as carpenters. But all this was just the surface of what really went on at the Smith plantation…..

As he thought of what was truly happening, Jethro sighed. He slowly realized what was to come ahead.

What would really happen next? Where was God when he was at his lowest? All these questions slowly will begin to fall in place….. Slowly, but definitely surely…

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A New Type Of Love

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