A new story !

Hello , it’s me once again and today just came to my mind a thought that I should make another story series of my dog the one in the picture up , so here’s the plot : Ira ( it’s the real name of my dog ) wants to make small videos of Jesus like her telling stories but her dreams are crushed when she is low budgeted so her friends help her in funny ways , so here is the first story: ping , cling , bang ! Seriously Ira thought as she picked up her fallen kitchen pots then as she was picking up her pots … DING a idea was made , ” am going to make small videos of bible stories like in the movie I watched last night am going to text my friends : Ira: Hey my good old besties I had an idea come to my home quickly!!!!!!!!!! Then all of Ira’s friends came to her home , here are  her friends : ALEX a Aussie boy dog , HONEY a girl dachshund, GILBERT a border collie boy dog and that’s all her besties she also has a lot of other close friends . Let’s celebrate!! Ira shouted as soon as her friends came to Ira’s home , Gilbert  spoke up , Ira we don’t even know why we are here-? Don’t worry Ira cut him off, am making some new videos and let’s start off by eating !!! Ok sounds fine by me , Alex said , now let’s cut the cake , Ira said , uh the cake ? Ira said oh there it is silly me Ira said as she got the cake , now to open it ! Ira said I think we have to smash it or something to open the package  , Ira said , Okay, Ira said then she tried to open it , UGH !!!!! SOMEONE UH HELP !!! Ira said , Ah Ira there’s a little tab that you press to open it … Gilbert said . Well guys that’s all for today hope you enjoyed it see you next time ! Bye

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A new story !

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