A Mess of Poems

A Mess of Poems

Psychologists say that, due to hormonal imbalances in the brain, teens morph from lovable youngsters into full-fledged weirdos. This is evidenced by the tendency to burst into tears when Mom brings home regular style instead of Double-Stuft Oreos.

To help you express yourself during this traumatic life passage, my alter ego, the beloved poet Artie Fishell, suggests the following journaling methods:

Haiku. This is a form of Japanese poetry using a 5-7-5 meter. Example:

I have much acne. (5)
Stridex does not work too well. (7)
When will this clear up? (5)

As the example shows, haiku can set forth the deepest of emotions.

Free verse. Here is where you just “go with the flow,” yet with an evocative twist. Example:

I love Heather.
Heather has not loved me in return.
Alas, though, I cannot wallow in pity;
rather, I must go feed the dog,
lest she who bore me into this world
provide me not with my own supper.

Truly a window to the soul.

Rhyme. Finding perfectly rhyming words can be challenging, but it’s often worth the effort. Example:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My haircut is awful,
And my nails look really bad.

As I have said, nine times in 10 the words that you need won’t flow from your pen.

Wise sayings. It’s hard to improve on King Solomon, so we shall allow him to provide our example:

“Banish anxiety from your heart
and cast off the troubles of your body” (Ecclesiastes 11:10).

OK, easier said than done.

But ask God to help. (5)
I am sure that He will hear. (7)
And try Clearasil. (5)

I guess the transition coming off the second line needs a little work . . .

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A Mess of Poems

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