A Life Changing Dream (Must Read!)

One night I had a dream. I dreamed that there was this gang of 20 surrounding three Christians. The Christians were talking about God to the gang. Each gang member had a gun pointing at the Christians. One of the Christians did something that made the gang think that they were going to attack, so they started firing their guns at the Christians! After a few about a minute, the Christian’s died. Once the firing stopped, one by one the gang left; all except for 10. They realized they did wrong. They were telling each other on how wrong it was to kill innocent people. These ten saw that the Christians were willing to take a bullet for the Lord. The ten now wanted to have the same relationship the Christians had with God. They started praying to God for mercy and forgiveness. Just then, the Christians woke up! They were alive! They all were praising God saying, “They’re alive! God has a plan for everyone!”
I believe God gave me that dream for a reason, but I don’t know the reason yet. I had that dream on a Friday night and the next day in Sabbath School, we read about the stoning of Stephen. I hope this is a life changing story for you as it was for me. Happy Sabbath!
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A Life Changing Dream (Must Read!)

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