A Kindness at Burger King

A Kindness at Burger King

It was summer, and I had gotten one of the few jobs a 14-year-old can find’working at Burger King. It certainly wasn’t the most glamorous job, but it meant money, which was something I needed.
Istarted the job shortly before school ended, not knowing exactly how the summer would go. Before long I fell into the monotonous rhythm of taking orders, filling orders, working drive-through, and cleaning the dining area.

The first month went by uneventfully. Then in the middle of July something happened that made me realize that God can use me in the most humble situations.

The lunch-hour rush was just slowing down, and I was tired and not looking forward to the last couple hours of my shift. I was working the front counter, taking orders. The customers were coming and going in a blur, and the woman who approached didn’t seem any different from most others.

She ordered her meal, and I told her the total. As she searched through her purse to find some change, the woman soon realized that she was about a dollar short. “I’m embarrassed to say this, but I guess I won’t be able to make my purchase after all,” she lamented.

That’s when I had an idea. “I’ve already had my break and bought my food for the day, so I have some extra change,” I told her. “I could pay the difference.”

Out of pride she at first refused, but after I insisted, she consented, and we put our money together to pay the bill. She thanked me and moved to the end of the counter to pick up her order. I continued with my work and thought nothing more of it.

About an hour later business had slowed down, and I was waiting for my next customer. Then I glanced over toward the entrance and saw the same woman whom I’d helped with the money entering again. I immediately recognized her.

She walked straight up to me and said, “I want to thank you again for what you did. You see, I’m a diabetic, and sometimes I need to eat something right away. That’s why I came in earlier. If you hadn’t helped me as you did, I might have fainted. Thank you.”

As she finished talking she handed me two dollars, twice what I’d given her.

Watching the woman walk away, I realized that God had used me to help her. In the end, I was rewarded not only with money but also with the satisfaction of knowing that I’d helped someone out of a tight spot.

Written by Kay McCarthy
Illustrated by Zach Shuta

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A Kindness at Burger King

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