A Happy New Year, Part 1

Benjamin sighed. It wasn’t fair. Everyone else he knew was going to have a wonderful New Year celebration-everyone except him. He was what you would consider poor. His mother could barely pay for food and clothing, so a simple feast was out of the question. Benjamin’s friends had all talked about their plans for  New Year’s Day.

“I’m going to go to Times Square to see the ball drop, then after that I’ll go to my grandparents house for a feast!” said Davie.

“I’m going to go to a elaborate banquet with the best food!” said Rick.

“I’m going to have a get together with my family and stay up LLLAAATTEE!” said Thompson.

“What’re you gonna do, Ben?” Rick had asked Benjamin.

Benjamin had gulped. He lied,”I’m gonna have fun,” then said,”See you later! I’ve got to run an errand.”

Benjamin came out his daze. “You’ve got an errand to run, Ben,” he told himself. “Can’t be thinking about other people’s fun.”

Benjamin walked in silence until he heard a noise. It sounded like music. He walked towards the sound. He came upon a little brown building that held the music. He stopped short. Should he go in? He didn’t know what the building was. He decided that he would hide and listen to the music.

The music was beautiful. The piano player played smoothly, and the voices were in perfect harmony. The song went like this:

He leadeth me, He leadeth me

by His own hand He leadeth me;
His faithful follower I would be,
for by His hand He leadeth me.

Benjamin pondered on the words. Who leadeth me? Who’s hand leadeth me? Benjamin longed to go in the little brown building, but he did not. He didn’t know if he could. But then he heard a deep voice talking in the microphone. He heard the piano play in the key of F. Benjamin was skilled at the piano. He could name any key without looking at it. Then the deep voice was talking again. Soon he heard the man say it was time for our opening song.

The piano player again played smoothly, and the voices sang in perfect harmony. Benjamin sat, mesmerized by the music. He forgot all about his errand.

Then a woman announced it was time to read the scripture. She continued and read something about being saved. After she finished, she said it was time for the offering. The piano player played a sweet melody, then struck a chord, which Benjamin knew was the G major key. The voices sang about praising Somebody named God. Who was God? he thought. Then the woman announced that they would have a special music. Benjamin heard a violin play sweetly,and soon a beautiful, crystal-clear voice sang about deciding to follow Jesus. Who was Jesus?

The music ended, and Benjamin found himself in a puddle of questions. Who was Jesus? Who was God, and why did He need praise? Who leadeth me?
Benjamin couldn’t just sit there in the puddle of questions. He had to find out the answers. He would go in the little brown building. He took a deep breath and pulled open the door.

What would happen to him? Would he find out just Who was Jesus and God? Would he have a happy new year? Find out in A Happy New Year, Part 2!

18 thoughts on “A Happy New Year, Part 1”

  1. We take for granted our blessings; many of us never ponder on the fact that many are not as fortunate as we are, nether in riches, nor the wealth of knowing about our God…

    Continue to write these great messages!

  2. Hey guys.
    I am so sorry that I have not made the next part. With my schedule, the Guide website acting up, and no idea what to do for the next part, I have laid off the story. I was thinking about doing this next part next year- putting y’all in suspense😆. What do y’all think? Answer quickly!

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A Happy New Year, Part 1

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