A Christmas to Remember — Chapter 1

Elena cried herself to sleep that night. Today had been a terrible day for her and she just wanted to disappear. Her day went like this……………

“Elena,” called her mother, “Time to get up or you’ll be late for school!” Elena got up but went back down. “Do I have to go to school?” she thought. “Elena! Get down here right now!” called mother again. “I’m coming,” responded Elena. She took her dress off the hook and looked at her baby sister, Maggie, in the cradle by her bed sleeping. “I wish I was a baby. Then I wouldn’t have to go to school and I could sleep all day,” thought Elena.

Elena quickly put on her dress, brushed her teeth, and headed down from the loft into the kitchen.

“Come on Elena. Jeremy (Elena’s older brother) has already left for school,” said her mother, ” There are some eggs and a slice of bread. You can eat them on the way, OK?”

“Yes Mom, I will,” responded Elena as she grabbed her coat and went out the door.

” Oh, and Elena,” called her mother, “I love you.”

“Love you too Mom.”

Elena was walking on her way, slowly eating the bread and egg sandwich. Just then, Chrissy, Elena’s friend, caught up with her. “Could I walk with you to school?” she asked.

” Sure Chrissy, why not,” responded Elena.

“Are you excited?” asked Chrissy.

“For what?” came the response.

“You know,” said Chrissy,” Today is the day when the teacher going to choose one girl out of the whole class to do the lead part in the Christmas play. I hope I get chosen. You know, the lead part will probably go to the girl with the best talent. And you’ve got talent, Elena.Β  You are so kind to everybody. There is no doubt the teacher will pick you.”Β  ”

Well Chrissy,” responded Elena, ” Maybe I’ve got talent, but what would I wear? I mean, I would love to be the lead.”

“Oh,” responded Chrissy, ” Well, I think the teacher is going to pick you anyway. Come on, we’ll be late for school.”

Chrissy ran all the way to school, but soon, Elena caught up. ”Β Who would be chosen?” thought Elena.


Come back for Chapter 2 to see who will be chosen for the lead part in the Christmas play!

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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve typed the story many times, but every time I did, it would delete. So I’ve just finished and submitted it and it should be out in a couple of days.

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A Christmas to Remember — Chapter 1

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