#20 Tara and Theo

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted for a while, but here’s the next part!
And now, the campaign is officially named “Operation Theo; Twin For the Win”
It was a close contest, and I had to ask some family and friends to get a tie breaker.
I liked the suggestions for slogans, and I’ll try to incorporate them into the story.
Comments and feedback are welcome!
And finally, the story.



“Hi!” A girl grinned at me. I shaded my eyes. “Whoa! I think I need shades. Your smile is blinding.” That made her beam wider. 

“I’m Brianna.”                                                                                                “Theo. My pleasure.” I winked.                                               “Umm . .  yeah.” She giggled, flipping back her curly black hair. Carter elbowed me. “Show-off,” he whispered. I ignored him.                                                                                                                   “Can I help with your campaign?” she asked                                              “Sure. Welcome to the team.” I motioned to Caleb, Nat, Katie and of course, Carter.                                                                          

Nat cleared his throat. “Now, back to where we were. Choosing a campaign name. Any suggestions?”                                      Carter’s hand shot into the air. “Operation Theo!”                                     “Ehh . . . it needs to be catchy.” Katie frowned.                                           “Then do you have a suggestion?” Carter retorted.                                   “Hmm . . . Theo the CEO?” 

” That is  not very relevant.” Nat said.

They tossed suggestions back and forth for a few minutes.                                         “How about
Operation Theo: Twin For the Win?” Brianna asked.                                                                                                               The table fell silent. “I like it. It’s catchy and fitting.” Nat said. “All in favour raise your hand,” Caleb announced. Everyone raised their hands.                                                                                        “Then it’s settled. Operation Theo: Twin For the Win. Now, for the theme.” Nat said

“I got this one.” I grinned. “Bringing the Cool Back to School. Making this place cooler. Fixing the AC’s, for one. And the water fountains. I nearly died of dehydration on Monday.” Everyone chuckled. “That’s actually a pretty good theme,” Caleb said. 

“How about adding to that theme? Like doing a school eco-drive. Whoever bags the most trash will get a prize.” Katie suggested.

“And new field trips! I’m sick of going to art museums and zoos every year.” Carter piped up. 

“Oh yeah. And we could advertise the campaign in the school newspaper.”  Caleb added.

“I like it. We’re on a roll here. Are you getting all of this, Nat?” I looked over. Nat scribbled furiously on a piece of paper. “Yep. So these are the topics to cover in your speech and on the advertising posters.”

“Speaking of posters, who’s designing them?” Caleb asked. 

“Oooh! I will! This will be fun!” Brianna squealed.

“Great! I’ll put you down . . .” Nat fell silent as Jennifer Sport stormed over to our table.


“You sneaky cheat! I will ruin you!” She screeched, face mottled red.                                                                                                     “Whoa! What did I do?” My eyes widened                                                    “You duped me into revealing my plans, and now you’re running for president!”                                                                                  “Well, technically . . .”                                                                                       “You will rue the day you tricked me! No one messes with me and gets away with it! No one!” She snarled. “Mark my words, Theeo!” She stalked away.                                                                             

Yikes. I was already regretting it. “The show must go on, Jenn!” Carter yelled after her. She skewered him with a murderous look. “Whoa. Someone has anger problems.” I muttered. “Or she’s just a spoiled rich kid.” Carter spoke up. “Probably both.” 

I was way in over my head. It would be a miracle if I survived until Christmas. 




11 thoughts on “#20 Tara and Theo”

    • I’m glad you like it, Isaiah! Means a lot!
      Aww, I was hoping I could forget about this series; I was nearly finished writing it, but then lost interest and spotted all sorts of plot/research problems.
      I’m thinking about rewriting it, but that might mean doing major changes.

      • Hi, Jo. I get exactly what you mean. I used to write stories all the time when I was 9 and 10, but I kept on finding problems with the plot and I would always look back on my work and think that it sucked. I kept on restarting, with a different plot and setting, but the same thing would happen again. (btw, sorry about getting back to you 11 months late)

        • Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Ahhh, it’s good to know I’m not alone in the lose-interest, rewrite cycle. Has that gotten any better for you?
          I’m hoping to tackle Tara and Theo when I finish the last 4 chapters of a new novel draft I’m doing. (Can’t believe I’m almost done with this novel! 🥳)

          • Sadly, I stopped writing stories years ago. Now that I’m in high school, I don’t have time to be writing; my sneaker reselling business, piano, and school take up too much time. I’m glad that you still write though, and good luck with your new novel!

  1. @isaiahtheisraelite Wow, you’re in high school and have your own business? Woahh, I wanna know more. Can you pop on to the Discussion Forum?

    • Either the website is acting up or my computer is… when I looked at my profile page I could see that someone had responded to my forum on businesses, but it wouldn’t let me know who. I also tried to go straight to the forum, but when I arrived there, it showed that no one had actually replied to me. It’s weird and I’m sorry if I’m not making sense, but if it was you who responded to my forum, could you tell me here so we could talk more about it?

      • No, that makes sense! Sometimes the forum glitches like that, but I think my post is up now. I’d said: “Wow! So, what is sneaker reselling? How do you do it? What inspired you to start? I’m in high school too, and I haven’t really considered starting my own business. It sounds like a lot of work . . . I had an idea to market myself as a Sermon Slide Creator, to create elegant presentations for busy presenters, but I haven’t done anything with that idea.”

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#20 Tara and Theo

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