Kim Peckham
Takes on Guide

Here’s a chance to get the deets on the 
Guide webmaster, Kim Peckham.

There’s this stuff called braised gluten that I think is as tender as baby ears—not that I’ve ever eaten baby ears.

An outlet store in Texas that brings together all the clothes that a department store chain couldn’t sell. It makes me feel good to bring clothes home that have known nothing but rejection.

A friend at work calls me Slim-Jim-Kim-chi-Gottabe-Wannabe-Peckham, which has got to be the longest nickname known to man. If it was any longer it would need chapter breaks.

I can dive my Yamaha SuperJet completely underwater. Coming back up is the hard part.

“All things come to those who wait,” she used to tell me. Especially if you wait ’till Christmas.

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