Tucker Barnes
Tucker Barnes Gets Annoying
Stuck on repeat  
Tucker Barnes: Keeping It Real
Reporting the rumors.  
Tucker Barnes: Proof Enough
How Tucker deals with a crisis of faith.  
Tucker Barnes: Unbelievable
Recipes for disaster.  
Tucker Barnes: Say It Ain't So
Where have all the heroes gone?  
Tucker Barnes: Hold On
If you're angry about our response, press "4."  
Tucker Barnes: Full Groan
Are you looking in a crystal ball, Tucker?
Tucker Barnes: Mothers' Day Edition
"See ya later, mom."  
Tucker Barnes: Dud-cast
Tucker's podcast leaves something to be desired.  
Tucker Barnes: Intro to Me
Let's talk about my favorite subject.  
Tucker Barnes: The Hair Pair
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  
Tucker Barnes: Getting Famous
Tucker may be winning at the fame game.  
Tucker Barnes: How Many Times?
Say it again, man.  
Tucker Barnes: Local Accent
He's looking pretty slick.  
Tucker Barnes: A Self-made Man
He's a real go-getter.  
Tucker Barnes: Spell You Later
Everyone is an editor.  
Tucker Barnes: Do You Need a Lift?
Tucker and friends hopes you have a blessed new year!  
Tucker Barnes: Discussion Question
I feel sorry for the goat. He never gets included in Christmas nativity plays and now this.
Tucker Barnes: Game of Palindromes
There's something about that name.
Tucker Barnes's Gift Comes Up Short
It's the thought that counts, unless there was no thought at all.
Tucker Barnes: Three Not-So-Wise Men
But wait, there's myrrh.
Tucker Barnes: Under the Sea
I'll pass on the seafood buffet.
Tucker Barnes: Mayflower Moment
Make this Thanksgiving the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).
Tucker Barnes: What do you knead?
This podcast looks like a waist of time.
Tucker Barnes: Low Art
Is it contagious?
Tucker Barnes: The Podcast?
Snooze alarm.
Tucker Barnes: So Mature
Tucker's fashion sense is as bad as his common sense.
Tucker Barnes: A few rude words
Otis is failing poetry appreciation class.
Tucker Barnes: Gray Day
And you thought blondes had more fun.
Tucker Barnes: Attitude Adjustment
You're in my prayers, dirtbag.
Tucker Barnes: Otis Takes It on the Chin
The unkindest cut of all.
Tucker Barnes: Pass It On
It only takes a spark to get a fire going.
Tucker With a Twist
What exactly is Sally doing down at the seashore these days?
Tucker Barnes: Gourmet Goat
Presentation is everything.
Tucker Barnes: Three Feet
Born with two left feet.
Tucker Barnes: Hail Caesar
Wait. That wasn't in the history books.
Tucker Barnes: Slush Fun
Hue is that boy on the left?
Tucker Barnes: Heavy Metal
The most memorable metal man from the Bible makes an impression on Tucker Barnes.
Tucker Barnes: Not Pictured
The votes are in!
Tucker Barnes: Fireman
A friend asks a burning question.
Tucker Barnes: Nothing Doin'
Please delay that smile until after sundown.
Tucker Barnes: Special Diet
Here's someone who just feels safer around vegetarians.
Tucker Barnes: Buzz Cut
Share and shear alike.
Tucker Rekcut
Can I get your order, please?
Tucker Barnes: Daffy Definition
When it's too much trouble to open a dictionary.
Tucker Barnes Knocks Twice
There's a hole in the middle of this joke.
Tucker Barnes Tickles You
Fourth down and Tucker decides to pun it.
Tucker Barnes: Let's (Not) Rock
Sometimes the gift of music is not a gift.
Tucker Barnes: Blood Brother
Tucker Barnes: "I'm willing to give my blood, sweat, and tears to help my fellow man."
Tucker Barnes: Watch Out!
Introducing the adventures of Captain Oblivious.
Tucker Barnes: Dumb Bunny
Sometimes Tucker just can't take a hint.
Tucker Barnes: Hole-in-None
If birds could get in, they should feel really safe.
Sneak Preview of Tucker Barnes Book
The new Tucker Barnes book is out and we've got the first pages for you to look at without any charge.
Tucker Barnes: Art Class Sass
Maybe Tucker should wait for more talent.
Video Announces a Tucker Barnes Book
Pacific Press has just announced a full-length Tucker Barnes book, titled Tucker Digs In.
Tucker Barnes: Scent-sational
There's something in the air at Tucker's school.
Tucker Barnes: Drop Your Weapon
His lunch is attracting the wrong kind of attention.
Tucker Barnes: The Sabbath Tooth
A free toothbrush after every visit.
Tucker Barnes: Poetry in Commotion
Does this sound right to you?
Tucker Barnes: The Art of the Deal
Tucker is a tough negotiator.
Tucker Barnes: Goodbye Teacher
She seems glad to be going.
Tucker Barnes: Taste for Adventure
Here's a little something for those who miss potluck.
Tucker Barnes: Dealing With Flakes
Some people get the wrong idea.
Tucker Barnes: Poison Dreams
Tucker dreams that candy may not be good for him.
Tucker Barnes: Who Was That Masked Man?
Tucker can't quite see the problem.
Tucker Barnes: So Mature
Tucker discovers that boys mature at, ah, different rate than girls.
Tucker Barnes: Drawn Out
Tucker may have more talent for rhymes than art.
Tucker Barnes: No Good, Awful Day
This day is a disaster and Tucker wants to know why?
Tucker Barnes: By the Book
Tucker does things by the book. But is that a good thing?
Tucker Barnes: Man of Many Hats
What's with Tucker and his hats?
Tucker Barnes: Bible Study Bully
What happens when a bully accidentally ends up in a Bible study.
Tucker Barnes: Spell Failure
Tucker Barnes talks about dealing with failure.
Tucker Barnes: The Bitter Truth
"What are you eating, there?"
Tucker Barnes: Worth the Wait
Sometimes you need to hold on a little longer.
Tucker Barnes: Freak Out!
Tucker's Halloween plans are a little scary.
Tardy Tucker Barnes
Will his teacher notice that Tucker is late?
Tucker Barnes: Ugly Love
Do you judge a goat by it's outside appearance?
Tucker Barnes Has GAS
Will the teacher understand Tucker's problem?
Tucker Barnes: Do the Do's
Here's a different way of looking at Sabbath do's and don'ts.
Tucker Barnes: Lovestruck
Is this what they mean by falling in love?
Tucker Barnes: Getting Your Goat
The goat had a weak spot. What is yours?
Tucker Barnes: Waiting for Love
Tucker has feelings that he can't wait to express.

Tucker Barnes: Raw Materials
What do chimps and humans have in common?
Tucker Barnes: Jump Scare
The Bible says those that live by the sword will die by the sword. Tucker should have listened.
Tucker Barnes: Haircut
How long since you had a haircut, Rico? Maybe you should have waited a little longer.
Tucker Barnes: 7th Day Distraction
While running from a bully, Tucker finds that scripture saves the day.
Tucker Barnes: Homework Horror
Tucker Barnes is back and he's got a problem!
Tucker Barnes: Series Two
In the second chapter of his story, Tucker Barnes decides he has a problem with rules.

Tucker Barnes: Series One
A comic series by former Guide editor Randy Fishell. (Keep scrolling to see all the installments.)