The Journey of a Life Time
It’s time again. It’s time for one of the most interesting experiences in the Pathfinder journey. Over 50,000 people are in motion.
Moving Mountains
If you haven’t been to the Rockies or another large mountain chain, you’re missing out. Looking at the rocks and boulders that line the roads through the mountains you can see that some boulders are the size of buildings. These boulders are just small fractions of the whole mountain.
I Hate Zoos!

Ok, now that I’ve sent you into full panic mode, here’s the reason why. Many Pathfinder leaders also don’t like zoos when it comes to teaching honors. But I think zoos are useful because they do give us a chance to see a glimpse of Creation that many of us don’t have access to on a regular basis.
“Run, Run, Clever Boy”
Last week I talked about the joy of free falling down a mountainside on skis. But what about running up a mountain, and then back down, and then back up, and then back down, and continue to repeat that for eight days straight without more than a few hours sleep. Well that’s the story this week.
All the Colors of Light
Today I heard a children’s story about colors. It wasn’t entirely accurate. Somehow there was a little bit of information that wasn’t true.
Most of North America looked like the Taiga this week.
The Sound of Snow
If you go outside during a snow storm, you’ll notice it sounds different. Everything looks different too. At night reflected light makes street lights cast back more light and it brightens dark allies and pathways with soft, cool light.
Going Into the Deep
I’m not talking about outer space or the trenches of our oceans. I’m talking about baptism.
Noel, Noel, Noel
It’s pretty much the best time of the year! Why? Because I love music. My favorite music, as most might guess, is
In the Mists of Life
It’s the week before Thanksgiving. Many of us will travel to see family. We will gather around tables and celebrate a time of year when things outside become less inviting to many.
"Everything Is Wrong!"
When it comes to camping, hiking, and backpacking, everyone starts out a beginner. Here are five common mistakes that everyone makes--even club directors.
Tall Trees
I heard a story this week, about climbing trees. A local Pathfinder Director used to be a logger when he was younger. Back then the safety equipment wasn’t as good as it is today.
The Music of the Spheres
I love music! I can’t imagine a world without it.
This past week we had a sibling of a Pathfinder drown! Fortunately, there was a lifeguard on duty--a person trained to save people from the dangers of water.
Every Ounce Counts!
I want you to try an experiment. Find two objects in your house, preferably two books. One should be small—maybe even a magazine like Guide. ;)
One Year From Today!
Well the count down is on! Time to prepare for Oshkosh. We’ve been waiting four years already and there’s only one year left!
Creating a Profile
What’s your profile? I’m not talking about a social media profile, but about the real you.
You Have a Virus!
It’s probably the worst thing that you can see pop up on your computer screen. But that’s not the virus I’m talking about today.
In the Heat of the Day
Yesterday at my house it was 108° F (42.2° C). I’ve experienced that heat a couple times in my life.
News. News. News!
Seems hard to believe anything on the news today. As what is real and what is fake becomes harder and harder to see, there’s a greater and greater need to crack open that Bible!
Get Back on the Saddle
Last post, I talked about learning to take care of a horse and teaching your horse to respect you.
The Cart Before the Horse
Have you ever heard the expression, “Putting the cart before the horse?”
Marriage and Your DNA
Well it’s true; I’m a married man now. It got me thinking about what does the Bible day about marriage?
Be a Servant of God
This month marks two years since I returned to the United States. In 2004, I had decided to go to Canada. Shortly after arriving I had been asked to help out with the local Pathfinder Club.
Spread the Word
LEGO is big part of my life.
Fear is a Liar
I love gospel hymns but I also enjoy Christian contemporary songs. There’s a song on the radio right now called “Fear is a Liar,” by Zach Williams. How true it is!
Sentimental Sand
I touched sand today! Well it’s a bit deeper than that...
A Stitch in Time Saves More Than a Dime
So one of my least favorite honors is probably sewing. I know, many people just passed out from reading that. However it is probably the most profitable honor I’ve ever taken.
Tiny Life
“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God's command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.” (Hebrew 11:3 NLT) Wait? Is the Bible telling us about quarks, neutrons, protons, electrons, atoms, elements, molecules, protein strands, and microscopic life!? :D
All You Can Eat!
Have you ever dreamed of a world made completely of chocolate? I have. It would be amazing to walk around and be able to take a bit out anything you want! The problem, of course, is that at some point in the dream someone wants to take a bite out of me, and then I wake up.
Finding Your Way
So much of life is confusing. We often struggle to understand our place in the world. But when I take the time to go to God in prayer, I’ve found peace in the eye of the storm of life. This week’s article addresses one of the hardest issues to deal with, both as Pathfinder and as a leader.
Keep a Song in My Heart
There is nothing more enjoyable to me than singing. Some people get to have music lessons and others don’t. My mother hated her piano lessons and thus she didn’t want me and my brothers to “suffer” the same fate. I have always wished I could play an instrument.
All Wrapped Up!
Christmas is coming! Many of us celebrate Christmas as the honorary day of Christ’s birth, since we don’t know the actual day He was born.
It Only Takes a Spark
In this week's article in Guide Magazine I've talked about the importance of fire-building skills. The best way to learn fire building skills is by
Panning for Gold!
I was in Northern California with family in the summer of 1988. Some cousins of mine and their family were gold miners—more specifically they panned for gold. That was their job. They would go out everyday and find gold.
The Salt of the Earth
Salt. I love it! Without it certain foods can be almost inedible. Salt is everywhere. We find it in our oceans and in large deposits all over the world.
Let Me Leave You With This
The leaves are turning colors! This is the time of year for the best camping. The bugs disappear and the warmth of the campfire is refreshing. My favorite part is the yellow leaves, on fresh rain soaked dark bark, with a crystal blue sky, and the evening sun piercing through the tree tops.
To Tofu or Not to Tofu
To tofu or not to tofu? To haystack or not to haystack? The past few weeks the same topic keeps coming up in conversations. Our church has a unique health message.
What Storms May Come
I've had the pleasure of helping clean up after hurricanes. You might be asking right now, "Mr. Rolf, how is cleaning up a pleasure?"
Join the Club, While You Still Can
"I want to hear you! I still can't hear you!"
I always laugh a little when I hear that in a sermonette at camporee, but I actually want to hear from you. You don't need to shout so the whole house wakes up but a simple reply would be great. I want to know:
The Beauty of Color
You know, most of us take color for granted. However, there are people out there that cannot see as many colors as the rest of us.
How to Play Sardines
This week's Pathfinder column in Guide magazine briefly talks about playing games on a camping trip. One of my favorite games is Sardines. If you don't know what sardines are they are small fish. They are usually packaged as food in square tins with six to a dozen fish in each little tin. This is important because it comes into the rules of the game.
Travel Honor
It's July and vacation season is in full swing! I had the privilege of traveling a lot when I was younger. Unfortunately, it was rarely what most people would consider vacation.
The Kindness Club
This week's Guide magazine article for Pathfinders launches one of five stories. The stories are all linked as they tell about five different girls who each faces her own trials and tribulations.
Master It!
May and June are typically the time of year that most clubs have an investiture service. Investiture is when everyone "graduates."
The mysteries of the universe stretch out into the heavens. Sometimes I imagine that I'm on one of those amusement park rides that spins around really fast and keeps you stuck to the wall. I'll lie flat out on the ground and look up into the night sky. My back pressed to the wall of dirt on a spinning sphere flying through endless space.
Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals
Seventy-nine teams from across North America are the British Union are gather near Morane Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois. This is the site of the 2017 NAD PBE Division Finals on April 22, 2017.
Hold That Line!
This weekend I'm flying out to Seattle to see friends and family, and maybe even some of you. However, I hate flying. I haven't always hated it, but I developed a fear of it over time—and, I believe, a very irrational one.
How's the Weather?
Spring is funny time a year. Stretching across the North American continent this weekend we have everything from steaming hot weather to full-on, raging snowstorms.
LEGO Witnessing
Today is Global Youth Day 2017. As part of that I’m attending a LEGO Convention. Some of you are really going to be shocked by that. But I ask you to take a moment and think about a couple things.
What's In a Name
This month’s article (March 11 Issue) for Pathfinders is titled, "What's in a Name." There are numerous stories in the Bible about God changing people’s names. One of my personal favorites is Saul becoming Paul.
Rolf Holbrook
Look! We've got the facts on Pathfinder blogger Rolf Holbrook.
True Stewardship
This week I had a very odd call. One of my ex-girlfriends from high school called me.
Get an Honor at Camp
My column in this week’s Guide magazine is about the Drawing & Painting Honor and a few weeks last spring that I spent at Chesapeake Union’s summer camp, Mount Aetna Retreat Center.
Experience the Pathfinder Bible Experience
Ever wanted to go on a road trip? How about going with your six best friends? Well strangely enough, you can do this every year as a Pathfinder.
Ride the Distance
January 14 launched a new column in the print magazine about Pathfinders! In the first article I’d like to note a minor correction.
New Pathfinder Blog Coming!
Hello Everyone, I’m so glad to be officially joining the Guide crew. I’ve been busy writing and collecting stories for monthly articles for Guide.