True Stewardship
This week I had a very odd call. One of my ex-girlfriends from high school called me.
Get an Honor at Camp
My column in this week’s Guide magazine is about the Drawing & Painting Honor and a few weeks last spring that I spent at Chesapeake Union’s summer camp, Mount Aetna Retreat Center.
Experience the Pathfinder Bible Experience
Ever wanted to go on a road trip? How about going with your six best friends? Well strangely enough, you can do this every year as a Pathfinder.
Ride the Distance
January 14 launched a new column in the print magazine about Pathfinders! In the first article I’d like to note a minor correction.
New Pathfinder Blog Coming!
Hello Everyone, I’m so glad to be officially joining the Guide crew. I’ve been busy writing and collecting stories for monthly articles for Guide.
The Puzzle Block Bible –God Saves Daniel and his Friends
The Puzzle Block Bible series a new and fun way to teach young children their favorite Bible stories
ChristWise: Discipleship Guide for Teens
This ChristWise Discipleship Guide will teach teens basic beliefs in preparation for baptism, then i