Will You Be Watching?

I used to have a hard time turning off the tv before sunset.

I never figured out why I couldn’t finish watching my sports program even after the sun had gone down. Another thing I rarely got to see was the Olympic opening ceremonies. Since they always seemed to start after sunset, I would have to turn off the tv. As I matured, I realized that the reason why I turned off the tv before sunset was to honor God.

The Sabbath was made for us to rest. All God requires of us is one day out of the seven He’s given us.
Because a lot of sporting events take place on the Sabbath, what are we as Christians to do? The best thing I can say is to not reason it out. Don’t look for reasons on why you should keep the tv on, just turn it off. It was worse back in the day when there was no dv-r, but nowadays, you can record something and watch it later. And with things like iTunes, you can always buy the shows and sporting events that you want.
So this Sabbath, even though it’s the Olympics, let’s try to devote our time to God and not worry about what the world think is important. Trust me, it’s hard for me to miss out on live events but I have no problem catching Kobe after Sabbath 😉

By David Robinson

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