Wacky Summer Sports

Before summer is over and you have to go back to school, try your hand at these sports!

First up we have Underwater Hockey:

This is pretty much a combination of hockey and swimming. Check it out!

Next up is a quirky one called Mutton Busting:

This is basically bull riding for 5 or 6-year old children. The goal of Mutton Busting is to hang on for dear life as long as possible. If you hang on the longest, you win!

The next sport requires high speed and hand-eye coordination. It’s called Sport Stacking:

Have you ever played around with the cups in your house before? I bet you didn’t know that it was a national sport, did you? The goal of this sport is to stack cups in a special formation as fast as you can. Watch how fast this player’s hands move!
Last but not least, my favorite sport for the summer; Bossaball:

I can’t remember if I’ve debuted this on my blog before but Bossaball is amazing! It’s part soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics! No words can really describe its coolness.
With all these different variations of sports, it helps me to think about all the creative ways we can honor God by using our bodies, after all, they are temples. We should strive to keep our temples healthy and active in the most creative ways possible. Have you all played any other cool or unique sports so far? Let me know and comment below! 🙂 Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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