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I knew about Jeremy Lin before he became an overnight sensation. I remember when he was playing against the Lakers in preseason last year. I thought to myself, “Man, that kid is nice.” Unfortunately, Lin bounced around from team to team until he landed with the New York Knicks. From there, hard work paid off. 

He’s helped his Knicks win their last seven games including a BIG win against the Lakers where he scored 38 points! After all of this fame, you’d think Lin would’ve gotten a big head by now. However, Lin has a different response:

“I’m thinking about how I can trust God more,” the 23-year-old New York Knicks guard told San Jose Mercury News. “How can I surrender more? How can I bring Him more glory?”

That’s awesome! His first thought was how he could serve God better through his popularity. What are YOU doing with the talents God gave you?

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