Tracy McGrady: Protect Your Dreams

Former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady gives back to his community.

For some of you who aren’t as interested in the winter Olympics, I know that the NBA All-Star weekend has already kicked off. To get with that vibe, here’s a video by Tracy McGrady.
In this video, the people that helped Tracy succeed all thought that it was important to keep family and friends around who were encouraging. Tracy himself said that to succeed at your dream, you have to have a vision. Those are the two things I want you all to dwell on, especially if you are an African-American boy.
As an African-American male, it’s very easy for our other talents to be overlooked because of our physical gifts. Many people will try and get you to play sports and will convince you that this is your only option for success. For some, it MAY be the only way out. For others, I suggest that you try something else. Being a professional athlete is a very hard, and stressful thing to do. The easiest way to think about what other things you’re good at is to ask yourself this question, “What other cool thing would I do if I couldn’t play sports for the rest of my life?”
That may be a hard question now, but keep it in the back of your head. You may like to read, write, or even love solving math equations. Whatever you like to do outside of sports, do it! Don’t get boxed into thinking that the only thing you can do with the rest of your life is play a sport. There are many options in this world. I chose writing and I LOVE IT!! I love basketball too, but there’s no way I would trade basketball for writing.
So as we’re halfway through Black History Month, to all my readers, especially my African-American boys: DREAM BIG!
Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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