To Aaron with Love

This week we have a guest author with some key insight on sports and spirituality.Our guest author is a mom who writes a letter to her son Aaron:
Dearest Aaron,
In life there are winners and losers. There are two teams: the Saints vs.
the Wickeds. Which team are you on? We have special insight and we know
that the Saints will ultimately win, even though it may look like they are
losing in this quarter!
To win, you must read and memorize the playbook, the Bible. You must
also listen to the ultimate Coach, Jesus Christ. He is guiding you and
giving you instructions on how to best play the game. He has set up
cheerleaders in your life such as your parents and teachers who will
support you and cheer you on.
We all know that good defense wins the game. You must box out the lust of the
flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. You need to be able to
penetrate and drive even in the midst of adversity while listening to
your Coach. You must press toward the goal and never give up or get
tired. What’s awesome about coach JC is that he can be your swing man
when you need him. He will give you many assists and set up a screen
so you can score! He is a great shooter, too, so feed him the ball!
The other team, the Wickeds, don’t follow the playbook. They will
commit flagrant and technical fouls. Their coach, Satan, is actually
happy when they do that. Coach Satan has his own cheerleaders too. He
will put so called “friends” in your way, such as temptations, music, videos, and
movies to draft you. He wants you to switch sides. But he just wants to
use you and destroy you.
Sometimes, lately, you have been losing, Aaron. You are turning over the ball to the
Wickeds and they are dunking on you. They’ve done several runs on you.
They are pumping and faking you out and you are falling for it. You are
soft on defense. You are not boxing out the temptations and you are getting
tired. You are listening to the lies that coach Satan has been telling
you and you are allowing them to win. You need to take a timeout and read
the playbook. You need to get in the huddle with your parents, teachers,
and your Coach and get hyped about life and winning.
You need to squeeze the ball and get aggressive about the game. Stop
being a one-dimensional player. It takes more than good ball-handling
skills to win this game. Coach JC will help you to develop your skills and multiply
them but you must practice with him daily.
Right now you are in double OT. So transition, cut past them, make a 180,
block the Wickeds’ shots and score on them! Even if they try to foul you,
don’t worry about it. You will win because you are a Saint and Your Coach is Jesus Christ.
You are a WINNER and I’m rooting for you.
Your forever supporter,

By David Robinson

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