This week I read a sad story about an Athletic Director.

I read a story about an abusive swim coach at the University of Utah. Apparently this guy was bad news from the beginning. He was accused of making his players do drills that were inhumane, (something that humans shouldn’t do), having an inappropriate relationship with a minor, and even giving alcohol to one of his players! But the sad thing is that the Athletic Director who is was in charge of this coach never did anything about it. It’s almost similar to the Joe Paterno story we did a while back. 
Can you imagine having a problem with one of your coaches and nothing being done about it? It sickens me to know that some people in authority don’t handle their responsibilities. As an Athletic Director myself, my job is to provide the best environment possible for my student-athletes. It’s a job that I take very seriously but also have a lot of fun with. 
Sometimes in life there will be things that happen to you that aren’t the best. However, take comfort that God is ultimately in control of everyone, even me, and He will hold everyone accountable for the things they did or did not do.
If ever you feel like one of your coaches isn’t creating a safe environment for you, like by treating you unfairly, tell someone! Talk to your parents, talk to your coach, talk to the Athletic Director, and talk to the principal. It’s their jobs to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
If you all want to read the entire story, click here.

By David Robinson

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