The Man with the Gun

Florida Marlins catcher Brett Hayes has at least one thing to be thankful for this Sabbath. A couple nights ago he and his family were sitting in traffic when he tweeted this:
“Sitting in traffic on the turnpike and a man with a gun just walked by our car…Not good”
Not good at all. According to the police report, the man with the gun shot two police officers after passing Hayes’ car. Hayes later went on record to say that the gunman made eye contact with him and his family. He told his wife not to look at the gunman because it was “creepy.” After hearing the news that the gunman had shot two police officers, Hayes and his wife sent up a “big, long prayer” for the families of the cops.
Now, as scary as that moment was, can you imagine how much worse it would’ve been if the gunman had turned on Hayes? Thankfully he didn’t but I think things like this happen all the time. Maybe not as serious as a guy with a gun, but God often protects us from things that we’re not aware of at the time. That’s why it’s important to always be thankful for life and good health. For the families of those two police officers, life will be different, but they have God to lean on in their time of hurting. 
Be thankful for every day you have on this earth.

By David Robinson

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