The Craziest Game on Earth

Answer; Shrovetide.

In the game of Shrovetide there are no rules, no refs, and definitely no restrictions. It’s just you and your teammates against the hundreds of opponents. The game is literally played between towns. One half of the town is called the Up’ards and the other is called, you guessed it, Down’ards.
Teams will stop at nothing to get the game’s leather ball into the other team’s goal. Like I said, it’s possibly the craziest game on Earth! Violence is a huge part of this game as people who have walked away in recent years will tell you; it’s very dangerous. Some people have broken ribs, suffered black eyes, and even a couple of people have had their eye-gouged. Yikes! The game ends after two days and I’m sure the hospital is filled with participants of Shrovetide. If you want to learn more about this story; Google “Shrovetide.”
I highlighted this game because I think that this is a sport that has gone too far. When people are walking away from a game with bruises and blood, it can be a very serious thing. As Christians, we generally want to say away from competition like that. It’s not very conducive to God. After all, that IS why we chose to be Christians, right?
Just enjoy games for what they are; games. Nothing more and nothing less.
Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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