The Big(ger) Picture

It all started when……I was listening to Adventures in Odyssey, (Great show, btw.), when I happened to glance down at the album cover. The album was appropriately titled; The Big Picture. The reason for this was that all the stories on the album illustrated how doing one thing could lead to a bigger thing. Then I came across this article about Michael Wallace.

He is a middle school science teacher in Baltimore, MD. However, after Michael is finished teaching he grabs some water and prepares for his bike rides. In the beginning, Michael would use a GPS to track where he was riding. This is what a typical ride may look like:
When Michael saw this, he got a really neat idea. He started riding around Baltimore with more precision. One minute he would be riding on one side of the street, the next, he would take a sharp turn to get onto the next street. I’m sure he was yelled at a couple of times but Michael didn’t let that distract him because he knew what the bigger picture would look like. Take a look:
Cool, huh? I’m sure Michael’s sudden movements on his bike looked strange to other people, but that’s only because they couldn’t see the bigger picture. As you scroll through the rest of these pictures, keep in mind that sometimes as Christians, people won’t get why we do the things we do. Don’t be distracted or discouraged by this. Remember there’s a bigger picture to all of this and help others try to see that picture just like I’ve helped you see Michael’s pictures. Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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