The 3 Sides to a Person

Yesterday I learned some very sad news that helped me to remember that everyone is human.

On Thursday morning, I got an update on my phone from ESPN stating that Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee guy who ran in the Olympics, was accused of killing his girlfriend. My mouth dropped when I saw this. I remember watching the guy with the carbon legs become such an inspirational story for everyone and now here we are, not even a year removed, and people who looked up to Pistorius feel betrayed by his possible actions.
Earlier this week, I sat in on a presentation about the three sides of everyone. 
1. The first side is the person that people see in public. This is the side of you that everyone knows.
2. The second side is the person that you are at home. This is the side that only your close friends or family know.
3. The third side is the person that only you know. This is the side of you that no one knows about. Usually, this is the side that no one knows about and usually doesn’t come out, but when it does, the results can be devastating. 
In the sports world, it’s very easy to get caught up in idolizing athletes. However, one thing that I want everyone to take my advice; Like sports but love God.
Each of us has the potential to do horrible things so that’s why we have to stay close to God so that He can help us. 

By David Robinson

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