Teamwork for Good

The purpose of a team is to group different people together so that they can accomplish one goal. Often times, teams come together to work for good, but what happens when teams go bad?

This is a picture of a human tower. Every year in Tarragona, Spain, groups of teams gather together to try and build the highest and/or most complex tower they can. They do this because it is part of the culture in that particular town. This is something lighthearted and it looks like a lot of fun. It looks like it’d be very scary to be on top, but I definitely would not want to be on the bottom of this. 
When I look at this photo though, I can’t help but be reminded of the tower that was built by humans in the Bible; the tower of Babel. I didn’t understand this story until I read and re-read it. What was so wrong with building a tower to Heaven? It’s the intent behind it. The builders weren’t trying to reach God because they wanted to see their loving Creator, they were building to the Heaven to become gods themselves. They thought that they were on God’s level. That is why God had to confuse their speech because they were communicating and working together for the wrong reasons.
Many of you are on various teams yourselves. You’ve probably already experienced what it’s like to work toward a goal, like winning a game, and to actually accomplish it. That’s a feeling that is intoxicating. When kept in check, it’s a good thing. However, if left unchecked it could cause a lot of harm. Whether you’re a part of a sports team or just a team of Christians, make sure we’re working together for good.
If you want to see where I got these pictures from, check out some more HERE.

By David Robinson

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