Staying F.I.T.

F.I.T. stands for Frequency, Intensity, and Time. What is this? This basically means how active you are. Being fit allows you to stay in shape and have a healthier lifestyle. Let’s break down F.I.T. in three different sections:

How often do you play outside? If you want to stay fit, F.I.T. says that you have to get some sort of exercise at least three times a week. I’m sure that shouldn’t be a problem for most of you.

How intense is your exercise? Even though taking the stairs is better than using the elevator, it’s not very intense. High intensity things include running, biking, hiking, etc. Low intensity things include walking, standing, thinking, etc. 😉

Finally, how long are you doing these high intensity activities? Running is great, but if you only do it for two minutes, then it’s not really doing anything for your body. F.I.T. suggests that you do high intensity activities for at least 45-60 minutes.

With this newfound knowledge, go forth and exercise!

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