Romans 8:28 – Boris Berian

What if you could write a letter to your future self? What would you say?

Boris Berian, a rising American Track and Field star wrote a very interesting letter, but it may surprise you that letter was addressed to himself — in the future. In his letter, Boris explains both the joy and trials that he’s encountered on his path to becoming an aspiring Olympic athlete. He writes that pain and disappointment he felt is worth it because it helped build his character. Closing the letter, Boris urges himself to remember. He needs to remember how all of these different experiences shaped him so that when times get tough, he would stay encouraged.

The letter was introspective and serves as a reminder to appreciate all parts of his journey, because both ups and downs have a purpose.

In Romans 8:28, Paul also writes a letter about purpose, but this letter is addressed to the Christian church. The church was very young at the time, and was dealing with difficulties as they tried to spread the Gospel. So, Paul encouraged them to continue working for the Lord as things would eventually come together if they kept living according to God’s purpose. The letter to the young church is still applicable to us today. If we continue living according to God’s purpose, we will eventually overcome the obstacles we encounter. The point is to stay encouraged no matter what.

Bonus video: Alexis Sablone

By David Robinson

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