Psalm 71:9 – Jason Witten retires

An emotional Jason Witten says goodbye to the Dallas Cowboys.
Longtime Dallas Cowboys tight end officially announced his retirement at a news conference last week. Jason will be hanging up his cleats for a microphone as he will be moving into ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth. This will be the end of Jason’s 15-year NFL career.
“I never wanted this day to come. But it does come for all of us,” Jason said. “There’s an old saying in football – the circus doesn’t stay in town forever. It’s always a tough decision to when to retire, but it’s always better to leave on your own terms a year early rather than being asked to leave a year too late.
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Most people reading this aren’t close to retirement, but when you finally do retire remember God is always with you to help and encourage you. Even though you retire from your job or your passion project being a Christian and serving Christ never stops.
God will never forsake us at an old age like companies and sports teams often do. Psalms 71:9 reads “Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.”
Remember that there is no retirement in the Bible as our Heavenly Father is still using us as long as we are drawing breath.

By David Robinson

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