Psalm 32:7 – Breanna Stewart

The hashtag #MeToo has been used quite a lot in the past few weeks, and WNBA star Breanna Stewart is helping to further the cause. If you haven’t heard about this hashtag, grab your parent or guardian and read this story with them.

“I don’t know how to say this part. I haven’t told many people. I’m not the most vulnerable person — I don’t talk about my feelings much — so this is uncomfortable,” wrote Breanna Stewart for The Players’ Tribune. “I was molested for years.”

Breanna was only 9 years old when it began happening. Because of the sensitivity, I won’t describe what happened but it involves Breanna being inappropriately touched by someone who was very close to her family. It happened for two years before she had the courage to tell her parents. After that, Breanna remembers finally being able to sleep a little bit more peaceably.
Hearing this story saddens me because I know Breanna is not the only one. There have been other reports as well from the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team that some of the staff were inappropriately touching some of the gymnasts. We live in a sinful world. And while stuff like this happens, it should never be tolerated under any circumstance. Often times, victims like Breanna are scared to speak up. But as a former Athletic Director, coach, and older brother to my sisters; don’t be afraid to speak up. In Psalm 32:7, David [not me :)] writes his poem and says that God is is hiding place. We can take strength in knowing that God will comfort us and be with us through anything.

As a side note, if ANYONE is touching you inappropriately don’t hesitate to tell someone.

By David Robinson

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