Psalm 112:7

Psalm 112:7 explains exactly why I don’t worry about a lot of things. Want to know my secret?


In Psalm 112:7, Paul paints the picture of a believer who is unafraid of bad news. Why? Because that person trusts in Jesus. This doesn’t mean that you just walk into danger or have concerns, it means that you can pass those fears on to Jesus. We can worry, but it won’t do us any good. Pass your burdens to Him so that you can be at peace.

I was in Texas last week for the annual SWAU Basketball Tournament. I found it so cool that all the players there don’t worry about whether they’re going to win or lose because they put their trust in their coaches. They play to win because they believe that their coach has the best game plan. It’s an awesome example. Hopefully, we put the same amount of trust in Jesus because He has a game plan that unbeatable. 


By David Robinson

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