Playing to Lose?

Would you play a game knowing you were trying to lose?

Earlier this week, two Tennessee prep girls basketball teams playing against each other were punished for trying to purposely lose a game. The reason why the coaches wanted to lose was because the winner would go on to face a very tough opponent. Because these coaches tried to purposely lose, both teams were kicked out of the tournament. 

I do understand the strategy behind what the coaches were trying to do, but if that’s the case, then why not just forfeit? That’s much easier than pretending to play. However, the bigger point is that you are do everything to best of your ability. You should never do something halfway. These girls were told the wrong thing when their coaches told them to lose, but hopefully they’ll be able to learn from this. 

Challenges will come in life, but we shouldn’t back down from them. What would’ve happened if David chose not to fight Goliath head on? What would’ve happened if Moses told the Israelites to build boats to cross the Red Sea? See my point? Faith and trust in God have a HUGE part to play whenever we face challenges. Trust in Him the next time you have a big challenge and don’t want to face it head on 🙂

By David Robinson

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