Novak Djokovic Makes a Ball Boy’s Day

Did any of you see what Novak Djokovic did at the French Open this week?

Remember when I told you all that sports are more than just a game? Well I found another great example of that this week. I was watching the French Open match with Novak Djokovic (pronounced: No-vack Joke-a-vick) when the rain started coming down too heavy to play. When circumstances like this happen, it’s the Ball Boy’s responsibility to assist the tennis stars. Check out how the tables were flipped:

Djokovic was able to make that ball boy’s day just by being friendly! Remember guys, if you play sports, people will naturally look up to you. Be nice to them. Treat them with respect. Trust me, it will make their day. Let them see Jesus through you.

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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