No More Racist Chants

This is Tyra Batts and she attends Kenmore East High School in the Buffalo, New York-area. Unfortunately for her, her basketball team has an unsettling chant before every game. 

“The whole team before our game has a ritual of saying 1-2-4 and then the N word,” says Batts. Long story short, her team was suspended for 2 days. This was only after her family filed a public complaint. Batts said she tried to talk to her teammates about it, but they brushed her off. Pretty soon, talks turned into frustrated words, and frustrated words turned into a fight. Batts was suspended for 3 days.

I was shocked when I read this story but then it was just a grim reminder that while there are some good things to this life, there are some really bad things as well. Batts says she is considering not playing for her team anymore and that saddens me. It stinks that we all can’t treat each other the way Jesus would. 

By Administrator

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