Matthew 7:24 – The Foundation

Where do I begin to talk about how awesome of a game this year’s Super Bowl was?

It was the largest comeback deficit ever in Super Bowl history, the first Super Bowl game to go to overtime, and it cemented Tom Brady as the best quarterback ever. Some may say the Falcons gave the game away with poor clock management; others may say the Falcons just choked. Either way, the real story is about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s commitment to excellence, or “The Patriot Way.”

The Patriot Way isn’t the reason Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have 5 championship rings. Talent and circumstances are part of the winning formula, but the Patriot Way is definitely the foundation. Foundation is what drives the Patriots to study their opponents as tactfully as they do, practice as hard as they do, and execute under pressure as they do.

When I think about the foundation that The Patriot Way has laid for that organization, I begin to question what foundation Christianity has brought me. In Matthew, Jesus compares the foundation of believing and living for Him to a wise man who built his house on a rock. That’s a foundation that’s not going anywhere! The trivial things we watch for entertainment will come, and go. Eventually there may be a game better than Super Bowl 51, or a player better than Tom Brady; but there will never be a foundation more secure than the one we have in Jesus!

By David Robinson

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