Matthew 25:21 – #SagerStrong

Recently, the NBA lost one of its most vibrant figures; Craig Sager.

Like many who have fought Leukemia, Sager wrestled with it for a number of years. As a sideline reporter, he was known for his colorful suits; and even more colorful personality – matching his overall joy for work and life. When he learned of his diagnosis, instead of of letting it get the best of him, he decided to embrace it. All the tests and checkups that he needed now became a regular part of his routine. He never let it slow him down because his work was what brought him joy.

On the night of his passing, the NBA community celebrated Sager in many ways such as having moments of silence in his honor, and also by wearing colorful suit shirts modeled after the suit jacket he wore at the ESPY Awards. But the Golden State Warriors decided to honor Craig by having a moment of joy. Watch below:

The celebration of Craig Sager’s life and will to fight serves as a great illustration of how God promises to celebrate each, and every one of our lives when we enter His Kingdom. We’re promised that if we are faithful servants, our actions won’t go unnoticed. As we enter God’s presence we’ll be celebrated for the work that we’ve done, and faithfulness we’ve shown. If we commit ourselves daily to bringing joy to those around us, and spreading God’s love we will one day hear the fateful words, “Well done,” as we enter God’s Kingdom.
Matthew 25:21

By David Robinson

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