Let’s Move!

On September 23, 2012, within the Adventist church, they’re having Let’s Move! Day. It’s a day devoted entirely to getting people to move. To gear up for this event, at Spencerville Academy, we had a pre-Let’s Move! Day.
In the morning, we started off with all of our high school stretching!
Then after that, we broke up into different stations like zumba, long distance running, and weight lifting!
Towards the afternoon, we got into the more competitive sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and my favorite, kickball. After a day of non-stop movement like this, I feel like I burned 9 million calories. ALL the kids were tired after we dismissed for the day, but it was a day well spent.
Have you had your Let’s Move! Day yet? Tell me about it!

By David Robinson

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